By Torry Stiles

10. Nothing is a better motivation to  staying off those embarrassing sites than
the knowledge that if you had a wreck you wouldn’t have time to clear the  web browser.

9. A kid selling bottled water out here could pay for college.

8. Can you imagine how nasty this would be on horseback?

7. There’s nothing better than a traffic jam to motivate you into doing a bit of self-cleaning and inspection.

6. Why do motorcyclists claim they want to be one with the open road and then have the loudest sound system?

5.  I invented the word, “Hrup.” “Hrup” is what you say to the cars around you  when you’re stuck in traffic and really have to go potty.

4. If I let you into traffic I expect a “thank you” wave. Don’t disappoint me.

3. When I pull up next to someone playing the same radio station I am I feel like we’re bonding.

2.  People say that we smoke less than our parents and grandparents. Some say it’s because we are more aware of the dangers of smoking. I say it’s because they got rid of those little vent windows and we got tired of ashes all over the car.

1.Knowing we have another week of  this makes me consider limping more  and filing for disability rather than  driving to work.