Top 10 phrases from the chronic race fans

By Torry Stiles

10.  “Take your hat off and stand up. That’s the water truck driver.”

9. “I hope there’re no long yellows. My wife’s in the hospital having a baby, and I still have to get home to tape the F1 race.”

8. “Never mind the traffic, boy! Climb the wheel fence and get an autograph. I’ll distract security.”

7. “I’m not waitin’ in the food line. I found a hot dog from last week under my seat.”

6. “No, my hand’s fine. I had it bronzed after A.J. shook it in ’67.”

5. “I love ya honey, but if Danica Patrick ever says, ‘Yes,’ you’re last week’s news.”

4. “I hope they play the short anthem.”

3.  “Y’all bow your head for Dale here.”

2. “They’re just minor chest pains. Prop me up, they’re going green.”

1. “Here, have a sip of my pop. … No, that’s not whiskey; it’s methanol.”