Top 10 new words we need to add to the dictionary – Episode 8

By Torry Stiles

10. Schmuckhole (noun): wheel-destroying pothole in your lane that you didn’t think was that deep.

9.  Mamachita (noun): when you discover you’re not her only baby daddy.

8. Praying it forward (verb): Giving a silent prayer with fingers crossed that the car behind you is only buying a small coffee after you told the drive-thru cashier you would pay for their order.

7. Stealthie (noun): discretely taking yet another picture of yourself to avoid being considered a narcissus.

6. Batmobiling (verb): the practice of singing “nana nana nana nana nana nah, Batman!” under your breath when doing something dangerous.

5. Sympathlete (noun): Person who considers it a competition to be the first to respond, “Thoughts and prayers,” on other peoples’ sad Facebook posts.

4. Plandemic preparation (verb): Stocking up on toilet paper, yeast and bleach in anticipation of the next lockdown.

3. Sprinter (noun): that period between seasons in Indiana that features a sunny 75 and a snowy 28 within 24 hours of each other.

2. Crapt beer (noun): one of those fancy new brews that tastes like a mix of beer, Pine-Sol and sadness.

1.Juggernought (noun): Person on the internet who is all set to go over and fight for Ukraine but has no idea where the Ukraine is.