Top 10 favorite things overheard at the Little League field

By Torry Stiles

10.  “This is why we have rules about practice swings in the dugout. Let’s get some ice on it.”

9. “The middle one. Second base is the middle one.”

8. “What does your mitt smell like?”

7. “Why are they changing pitchers?”

“Potty break.”

6. “Strike three.”

“Do over!”

“You’re out, son.”

“I called, ‘Do over.’”

5.  “How did you get so muddy?”

“It’s not mud. It’s my fundraiser candy bars. They melted.”

4.  “Mom, hurry up. I forgot to tell you that it’s your turn to work the concession stand.”

3. “Don’t cry. You’ll get another chance at bat.”

“Shhh. The sadder I get the more ice cream Mom buys me.”

2. Coach: “Plays at first! Pay attention!”

Team mom: “Look alive, guys!”

Coach: “Watch the ball!”

Kid in outfield: “Hey, Collin. Look at the bird.”

1. “Hey, batter, batter! Hey, batter, batter!”

“Billy! We only do that when the other team is batting.”