Top 10 examples that show Little League baseball is God’s gift to Top 10 list writers

By Torry Stiles

10.  “New rule: no more giving each other Sharpie tattoos in the dugout.”

9. “Oops!”

“Are you okay?”


“Did you cut yourself? Is that blood?”

“No. Sno-cone.”

8. “New rule: No more helmet testing!”

7. “We don’t need any dust. Get out of the dirt.”

6. “Dads can be team moms, too.”

“Mine can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Called the coach a bunch of names and now he has to watch from the parking lot.”

5. “They’re called cleats, not knife shoes.”

4. “New rule: Only one mitt! You can only wear one mitt at a time on first base.”

3. “Bases loaded! Throw to any base!”

“Any base?”

“On OUR field, Patrick! This field here.”

2. “Are you ready to hit the ball?”


“Are you sure?”


“You’re positive?”


“Then turn around and look at the pitcher.”

1.“Good hit! Run to first! Put your foot on the base! Where are your shoes?”