Top 10 comments from Porkrinds while Torry is on vacation

By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers: Torry is in sunny Florida this week and has handed the keyboard over to our old friend, Porkrinds. She’s a sassy lass but not the best typist.)

10. “Cats are good friends for pigs. We can eat their food but know they don’t wanna touch ours.”

9.  “If you mama woulda said ya shouldn’t then maybe ya shouldn’t.”

8. “I eats like a pig ‘cause I am a pig. What’s your excuse?”

7. “I likes a good day layin’ in the sun. If y’all tried it once in a while maybe y’all could keep from doing mean stuff once it’s dark.”

6.  “I don’ts worry bout the price of gas ‘cause I gots plenty.”

5.  “If ya give me a bag of cookies I’s be your friend ‘til the cookies are gone. If ya give me a good belly rub I’s gonna be your friend forever.”

4. “So happy the Super Bowl is over. Now I get a few months rest from people talking ‘bout throwin’ ‘round the ol’ pigskin.”

3.  “Winter wouldn’t be so bad ‘cept for a belly that’s 3 inches off the ground an’ snow’s what’s 6 inches deep.”

2. “Y’all spendin’ an awful lot o’ time talkin’ about inflation. Us piggies worry about that, too. Inflation for a pig is the last step before we go see Mr. Oscar Mayer. “

1.“Who’s Brandon?”