Top 10 comments about the new ‘Welcome to Indiana’ signs

By Torry Stiles

10. “I just caught my wife with another man.”

“See? The signs work!”

9. “When will the signs on the Ohio border be done?”

“As soon as they wrap up construction.”

“So … never?”

8. “Why don’t they do signs about our sports teams like the Pacers, Fever and Colts?”

“Bragging about winning early draft picks doesn’t impress a lot of people.”

7. “‘More to Discover’ is also the motto for Sarawac in Malaysia.”

“Have you been to Sarawac?”


“But you found Indiana.”

6. “What are they going to discover?”

“That the weed they just bought over there ain’t legal here.”

5. “Why do they have people standing next to the signs on the Kentucky border?”

“To help with the big words.”

4. “I hear they painted over the old ‘Welcome Back, Andrew Luck’ signs.”

3. “Does it say, ‘OUT>INDIANA’ on the back?”

2. “Did the fella who ordered the signs have a stutter?”

1. “Who approved these?”

“Governor Holcomb.”

“They’re boring and bland.”

“Have you met the guy?”