Top 10 cliches as we prepare for another snowstorm

By Torry Stiles

10. We complain about the people who can’t drive all while denying they are us.

9. Some families will devolve to fisticuffs arguing if spaghetti belongs in chili.

8. We leave our $50,000 SUV in the garage and order a pizza to be delivered by a 19- year-old in his 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix with one working headlight.

7. Somebody’s Facebook friend in Florida will post a picture of a palm tree.

6. You’ll open up that can of hot chocolate mix that’s been in the back of the cabinet for the last three winters and scrape up a mug or two.

5. You passed on the snow shovels for sale the last time you hit the hardware store and are now preparing to tackle the driveway with a garden rake and corn broom.

4. Somebody will suggest getting out the UNO cards until they’re reminded of the injuries and emotional trauma of the last game.

3.  Despite your total lack of meteorology training you will have no problem calling the TV weatherman an idiot.

2. No matter what we can always be comforted that it was worse in South Bend.

1.We tell stories about the Blizzard of ’78: Who shoveled the most snow. Who walked the furthest from a stuck car. Who was the first to cannibalize the neighbors.