Thrill of game energizes Super Bowl Village

Walking into Super Bowl Village is an experience like none other. The crowds keep you warm, even in the cold January wind. I see plenty of photo opportunities. There are a few “Super Bowl” signs across the street and even located across windows of the tallest buildings. Everything about the area is so decorative, even to the point where signs of football-inspired fake street names are placed underneath the regular street signs. As I walk down Georgia Street, a few men are doing something with a blow torch. I take a closer look at what’s happening and a colored ice sculpture with the Super Bowl logo has just been finished.

It’s amazing how so many people turn out to take in the action at 5 p.m. on a Friday.

The crowds get thicker with each passing minute. Concession stands are everywhere and there’s even outdoor and indoor lounge seating. The outdoor seating even has contained fires and heat lamps, but the need quickly changes in Indiana with temps rising into the upper 50s.

After a while, it was hard for me to tell that Georgia Street was ever a street because the setting looks so permanent. The former Nordstrom at Circle Centre has even been transformed into “the Huddle at Circle Centre,” but sadly, I didn’t have enough time to go inside. Also, since my last visit, the former Borders has become another Super Bowl party headquarters.

And of course, there’s the zipline … but since I have a thing about being high above ground hanging on a temporary structure, it’s not quite for me. But I have to admit it looks like the kind of fun that can really get the adrenaline rushing. Groups of four and those on their own are smiling, waving and screaming above me as I walk past.

I walk a bit farther and see a few other activities for kids, such as corn hole and football throwing. A trivia contest is under way in a nearby tent. The Super Bowl Village is definitely fun for the whole family.

And the fun isn’t contained to Super Bowl Village.

Monument Circle has a few sights of its own, including an even bigger “Super Bowl XLVI” sign and rows of Indy 500 cars.

It’ll be sad to see all of this go after the Big Game.

But parking fees will revert to normal when the Giants and Patriots leave town. Instead of paying $20 at Circle Centre, it’ll be back to $1.50. Glad I’m not driving today.

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