Former PGA President Ted Bishop discusses leadership and President Trump

Ted Bishop speaks at the Rotary Club of Greenwood meeting April 3. Photo by Rick Myers.

Want to know what President Donald Trump is really like in person?

Just ask Ted Bishop, general partner and director of golf of Legends Golf Course, Franklin.

The former PGA of America president – impeached just 29 days before his term was up for posting on Facebook and Twitter a “Lil girl” reference aimed at golfer Ian Poulter who was critical of 2014 Ryder Cup coach Tom Watson – spoke to the Rotary Club of Greenwood at Crestwood Village South on Monday, April 3.

He talked of five leaders he admired. One was the President, whom he said he has golfed with on a couple of occasions, as well as had dinner with as well.

“It was really fun to kind of watch the presidential campaign unfold because the Donald Trump that I know is, honestly, and I know this might be hard to believe, but he is a guy that could come to this meeting and he could sit at any table and people would find him to be very engaging,” Bishop said. “They would find him to be very easy to talk to.”

Bishop said that President Trump is a listener and that he found him to be an “extraordinarily, interesting individual,” whom he enjoyed being in his company.

“And I know that might surprise some people because he can came come across as bombastic, belligerent and very opinionated, certainly to say the least,” Bishop said.

He continued: “I think the thing that makes him a great leader, I just saw the way that he ran his own businesses and the pride that he personally took in what the final product was going to be based on whatever it was he was trying to sell or do from a business standpoint.  He is a man with a tremendous sense of pride … he’s also a guy that there’s probably a little bit of a fear of failure in … I’m totally comfortable with him in that (being President) role.”