Take a look at the new Greenwood Community Middle School building as construction continues

Assistant Superintendent Todd Pritchett shows the new school’s office entrance.

Greenwood Middle School administration is moving into its new building this week.

The district is replacing the aging 140,000 square-foot building on Madison Avenue with a 160,000 square foot building next to Freedom Park off Averitt Road.

Although construction continues, the building is expected to be completed by the end of June, with teachers and remaining staff to move in at the end of July.

The new middle school has 46 classrooms, compared to 43 at the old school, with space to grow as needed. The school currently has 910 students, and the new building can hold 1,100.

Architectural designs are posted throughout the school as construction carries on.

The new building is energy efficient, with LED lighting that is motion activated and large windows that let natural light flow into each classroom.

The three-story building is designed so that each grade level is on its own floor, with eighth grade on the first floor, sixth grade on the second floor and seventh grade on top. Each classroom has a whiteboard that spans from floor to ceiling, so students have plenty of space to write or use the projector.

The two gyms are side-by-side with large doors that open, so one event can use both spaces. In the old building, the gyms were on opposite sides of the school. The band/choir will now have its own space. The old school had to transform its conference rooms into classrooms, so in the new building there are five designated conference rooms, as well as a community room for district training.

high ceilings in the band/choir room.

Outside, the design will allow student drop off and pick up to happen in the parking lot and not impede upon traffic on the road, making it more safe and efficient. The middle school will now have its own track around the football field, as well as a building for concession, athletic locker rooms and public restrooms.

“Efficiency was the whole goal on everything we’ve done,” said Assistant Superintendent Todd Pritchett. “How can we make it more efficient from the layout, energy efficient, student and teacher aspects of it. It’s efficient and functional at the same time.”

One gym – floor still under construction.