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White River Branch library in Greenwood hosts Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

Endre Adams of Perry Township learns how to use the cereal box to view the eclipse by White River Branch Manager Linda Kilbert. *Photos by Nicole Davis
Stephanie and Emma Boomer make sure to cover their eyes during the eclipse.

“Whoopee! It’s happening!” exclaimed Emma Booher of Greenwood, as her mother Stephanie  helped her hold solar eclipse safety glasses on her face on Aug. 21.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. The Southside Indianapolis area didn’t experience a full eclipse, which would have made the sky turn dark mid-day, but got to view the moon covering 91 percent of the sun.

More than 100 people signed up to join the White River Branch of the Johnson County Public Library during its solar eclipse viewing party on Aug. 21.

“It’s nice to come to the community library and look at information about the eclipse,” said Joann Farris, library patron of Center Grove. “I remember seeing it before, but not making a big event about it. I wanted to pay attention to this one.”

More than 100 people registered for White River Branch library’s solar eclipse party.

Guests spread out across the property, relaxing in lawn chairs and picnic blankets. The library provided snacks, refreshments and crafts outside, and a live stream of the eclipse inside of the building. White River Branch Manager Linda Kilbert said she hopes this event will help more youth gain an interest in science.

“The library is really focusing on the STEAM aspect for school kids,” Kilbert said. “This is a citizens science project. Anyone can view it. It’s a marvelous world that we live in. It’s amazing that scientists have the ability to predict it and tell it’s going to happen and when. This will get us ready for 2024 when it will be total eclipse here.”