Top 10 things for Colts fans to do now

January 19, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. Quietly cry yourself to sleep clutching your favorite Peyton Manning jersey. 9.  Fire up the VCR with those tapes from 2007. 8. Learn to love professional cornhole competitions. 7. Ask the bartender […]


Top 10 ways you blew the first date

January 12, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. “I’m out here waiting. You said you’d pick me up at 6 p.m.” “Who is this?” 9. “How will I know which one is you?” “I’ll be out front with a […]


Top 10 ways to ruin Christmas

December 22, 2022 SST

By Torry Stiles 10.  Test the artificial tree’s claim of being fireproof. Bonus points if it’s at somebody else’s house. 9. Ask every female guest between 18 and menopause at the office party if they are […]