Top 10 things I learned repossessing cars

September 15, 2022 SST

By Torry Stiles (Dear readers – I have held a variety of jobs over the years. I’ve been a newspaper writer, a racing announcer, truck driver, bathtub maker and several other positions. One of my more […]


Top 10 bad executive decisions

September 8, 2022 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. “The Chinese scientists say it’s a couple of bats with sniffles. We can’t keep folks out for that. How would it look?” 9. “Looks like we’ll have to institute rolling blackouts […]


Top 10 ways I’m preparing for winter

September 1, 2022 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. Train the dogs to expect fewer long walks in the sun and more short trips to the back patio. 9. Begin the debate over which is harder to shovel: winter snow […]


Top 10 signs your kids don’t take you seriously

July 7, 2022 SST

By Torry Stiles 10.  They can’t say, “Yeah” without saying “Right” afterwards. 9. You’re pretty sure that being 37 is too young to be called, “Boomer.” 8.  It’s been two years since you’ve eaten at […]