Top 10 signs of Spring 2023

March 30, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. Everybody else is trotting out their old, worn-out jokes about potholes … but not THIS guy. 9. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and you can hear the plastic being peeled off […]


Top 10 signs somebody got their tax refund check

March 9, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10.  “Daddy’s home!” 9.  Suddenly they’re all experts in proper tattoo maintenance. 8. “Are those eyelashes or is your face being devoured by spiders?” 7.  Dropping White Castle for the Red Lobster. 6. […]


Top 10 new words we need No. 9

March 2, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10. Textimony -noun – When someone saved a screenshot of the text message you sent and uses it against you. 9.  Coughing break – noun – Time spent outside hacking up a lung […]


Top 10 things to love about being a Hoosier

February 23, 2023 SST

By Torry Stiles 10.  Very rarely do you ever discover a tornado sneaking into town. 9. Reggie Miller. Peyton Manning. Bobby Knight. A. J. Foyt. We’re very open-minded when it comes to our hometown heroes. 8. […]


Top 10 things y’all gotta stop doin’

February 9, 2023 SST

By Porkrinds Stiles (Dear readers: Porkrinds has been pestering me for a chance to pen another column. It’s been a while so I figured with the State of the Union, Chinese spy balloons and the Doomsday […]