Art and craft therapy

February 9, 2023 SST

By Todd Travis Find your creative outlet This month between Feb. 17-Feb. 21 five women-owned creative shops are partnering together to share the love of art with the community. Each shop will be contributing one […]


Starting over

January 26, 2023 SST

By Todd Travis Everything is gone On Thursday, Jan. 12, Southside resident Turquoise Burgess returned to her neighborhood to find a shocking scene before her eyes. Firetrucks and emergency vehicles were outside along with other […]


More than just a friend

January 12, 2023 SST

By Todd Travis Dogs have long been known to be “man’s best friend.” Aspen, a purebred miniature husky owned by Southside resident Steven Litz, takes it a step further and becomes a shining light to […]


Keeping the buses rolling

December 22, 2022 SST

By Todd Travis As people watch those big yellow buses making their rounds through the neighborhood, they may not realize the sophistication required to pick up all those kids and get them to school on […]


A teacher for life

December 15, 2022 SST

By Todd Travis Born to inform “My mother says that when I was a child, I started teaching my 2-year-old sister. I had never even heard of school, but here I was teaching,” said Linda […]