Turn your heavy baggage into litotes

June 1, 2023 SST

By Curtis Honeycutt It’s someone’s job to name new medications. Drug Company A approaches Marketing Company B and says, “Hey, we’ve got this new drug. It makes people happy in the short run, but they’ll […]

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In praise of librocubicularianism

May 18, 2023 SST

By Curtis Honeycutt I’m a proud librocubicularist. As much as you probably want this to mean I’m starting a new political party of which I will be its presidential candidate, alas, this isn’t the case. […]

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50 shades of beige

May 4, 2023 SST

By Curtis Honeycutt Remember the beige craze of the 2000s? If you wanted to sell your house, you’d paint the interior walls of your house “bashful beige,” “autumn wheat,” “tasteful tan,” “totally taupe,” or “burnt […]