Seasonal celebrities

December 17, 2020 SST

By Nancy Price Every year in December we see him – at the mall, at Christmas parties and in parades. The portly, jolly guy dressed in crimson, with a snow-colored beard, ruddy cheeks and infectious […]


Remembering a Hoosier legacy

December 10, 2020 SST

By Nancy Price (Neal Smith contributed to this article) For some, success comes easy in life. For others, success is a challenge – the result of determination, hard work, passion and persistence. These qualities are […]


Megan’s Fund

December 3, 2020 SST

By Nancy Price The generous spirit of a Center Grove teenager remembered for giving local children a special Christmas lives on each holiday season through a nonprofit called Megan’s Fund. Fifteen years ago, Megan Williams, […]


D is for Darcy Not Dyslexia

November 25, 2020 SST

By Nancy Price Famous innovators such as Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Agatha Christie and Walt Disney, have changed the course of history and the way we live our […]


Greenwood Buddies

November 12, 2020 SST

By Nancy Price For many teenagers, high school can be an exciting time. They’re meeting other peers through sports, band or other clubs, getting their driver’s licenses, attending prom and homecoming and hanging out with […]