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Haunts & Jaunts: Silent lucidity

January 19, 2017 Rick Hinton

Silent lucidity    True love endures the test of time. Couples together for any length of time become as one. There’s a sixth sense that transcends that reality. They not only finish each others sentences, […]

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The sin of modern society

June 25, 2015 Wendell Fowler

Stop a moment. Take a deep, refreshing breath. Now, ask yourself if you expect cancer in your lifetime? Of course you don’t; who would? The reality: cancer cases are expected to surge 57 percent worldwide […]

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Time to change the filter?

July 17, 2014 Wendell Fowler

The liver is the hardest working organ in your temple, but it needs a little help from its best friend: you! You already know what your furnace or car air filter looks like right before […]

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Celebration of a century

May 15, 2014 Nicole Davis

Beech Grove resident Lorraine Morford celebrates her 100th birthday Cards have poured in for Lorraine Morford as she nears her 100th birthday on May 16– more than 70 Happy Birthday cards arriving two weeks before […]