Ghost TV: What’s new in 2019

May 16, 2019 SST

Ghost TV: What’s new in 2019 By Rick Hinton Paranormal television shows have come and gone throughout the years, with the old being replaced by the new, and a fresh cast of hopeful faces. There […]


Ghost hunting politics: Part II

May 9, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton There continues to be ghostly spectacles on the internet posted from excited and impressionable ghost groupies, with definite tie-ins with ghost apps and Photoshop. What is most amazing is the buy-in that […]


Friends together watch their childhood fly

April 11, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton I’ve always heard that as you grow older, time accelerates. Yes, sir. It’s no longer the long, endless summers of our youth, seeming to stretch forever. Yep … no longer. Our past […]


The dreams and visions of those passing on

April 4, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton Sleep is something we all need. Sleep is a break from our daily turmoil, and a fresh transition to a new day of awakening. Sometimes it goes smoothly, without a hitch. Sometimes […]


Sleep & the paranormal

March 28, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton I walk along a thin line darling, Dark shadows follow me, Here’s where life’s dream lies disillusioned, The edge of reality. Edge of Reality, Elvis Presley (1970) Do you feel tired and […]