What it takes to be successful

March 2, 2023 SST

By Mike Heffner What do all great companies have in common? Sometimes they have good products or good services, but I have never heard of a successful company that sustained greatness without having good people. […]


Turning setbacks into opportunities

February 2, 2023 SST

By Mike Heffner About this time of year is when the New Year’s resolutions that you made in January start to fall apart. I believe the reason for frustration and failure around resolutions is our […]


Are you receiving thankfulness?

November 3, 2022 SST

By Mike Heffner In 1621, Thanksgiving started as a celebration of the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest. Then in 1863, President Lincoln announced the nation will celebrate an “official” Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 26 expressing gratitude […]


What are you afraid of?

October 6, 2022 SST

By Mike Heffner I think all of us as leaders have found ourselves at one time or another afraid. The fear of failing is one of the biggest things that keeps us from making decisions […]


How do you lead today’s upcoming leaders?

September 1, 2022 SST

By Mike Heffner The younger adults (ages 18-28) that are entering or recently joined the workforce (often referred to as Gen Z) are unique compared to my generation (Gen X), but they still want to […]