Athlete of the Month: Carter Campbell

February 23, 2023 SST

By Mark Ambrogi Greenwood Community High School senior football and basketball player Carter Campbell has saved the best for last. “This has been my best year in both sports because it is my third year […]


Caps off to Southside grads

June 2, 2022 SST

Compiled by Nicole Davis They’ve studied hard, put in the time and it has paid off in a big way. Whether it came easily or with many sacrifices, these high school seniors are graduating with […]


Athlete of the Month: Grace Nuhfer

February 25, 2021 SST

By Mark Ambrogi Legally blind, Grace Nuhfer was limited in sports in which she could compete. “She can’t compete in any sports that involve a racket, bat or club,” said her father, Adam Nuhfer. “It […]


Southside high school seniors graduate

May 21, 2020 SST

For most high school students, their senior year is filled with many positive memories: going to prom, deciding which college campuses they’ll visit in the spring and plan to attend the following year, and, of […]