Greenwood Cemetery – conclusion

August 1, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton Today you can discern the original section of the Greenwood Cemetery from the newer addition to the north by the yellow bridge separating the two. It’s a startling contrast between the beginnings […]


The Greenwood Cemetery – through the years

July 25, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton There’s a belief among various cultures that until the mortal body completely disintegrates, the soul is not fully released, waiting and biding its time. Some theorize the spirit remains behind to reconnect […]


The beginnings of Greenwood Cemetery: Part I

July 18, 2019 SST

By Rick Hinton Cemeteries and paranormal investigators? Intended more as a memorial for the living, cemeteries are a repose of peace, tranquility and temporary separation from the routine of daily life. They encompass reflection in […]