Around Town

Hope for Tomorrow

February 16, 2017 Nicole Davis

Justin Thang uses fashion to educate, promote Burmese traditions and fit into American culture By helping to organize the fashion show for the Myanmar Union Day and previous Chin National Day celebrations, Justin Thang is […]

Around Town

Culminating around the Center

October 27, 2016 Nicole Davis

Chin Community of Indiana brings new life to its Chin Center with its first full-time manager, Moses Lian Before coming to be manager of the Chin Center, Moses Lian was well known as the man […]


Progression in holistic worship

May 14, 2015 Nicole Davis

Rev. Ci Lian Kap says Falam Baptist Church in Greenwood aims to meet the spiritual and physical needs of its growing membership Falam Baptist Church began as a fellowship in Perry Township with 21 people […]


Fleeing for Freedom

October 23, 2014 Nicole Davis

Perry Township’s Van T. Piang shares of fighting for democracy in Burma in his book, Away From Home: In Search of Freedom Van T. Piang has fought for his freedom and for the right to […]