Space to do Business

Commercial Self-Storage serves Southside businesses with secure storage and office space

Adam Hardebeck, manager of Commercial Self-Storage on the Southside. *Photo by Nicole Davis.

Aimed at helping businesses succeed in their industries by reducing overhead costs for storage and even office space, Commercial Self-Storage opened in Greenwood on Sept. 1.

The Southside storage business introduced the concept with two buildings, 16 storage spaces, which filed up in the first month. Commercial Self-Storage opened two more buildings at the end of September, and is looking to continue that growth, said property manager Adam Hardebeck.

Along with the storage space, Commercial Self-Storage offers all-day access,  security, a loading dock and other amenities. Some units have office space built in, and the business also offers office suites available to rent. Hardebeck said by Jan. 1, they are looking to have that furnished office space and a furnished salon building ready to be occupied.

“The nice part about what we have, is there’s a lot of shared amenities,” Hardebeck said. “It’s expensive for a business to rent a place, have security systems, gates, we have a forklift available for community use. We’ve assumed some of these things people don’t necessarily think about that are really expensive. We take some of that expensive and maintenance out of their bottom line.”

Why did you open this business?

We have the same setup in Castleton and it’s been really successful. It’s designed to help small businesses with storage space to run their business and make it affordable. A lot of times, warehouses, you have to get a ton of space with longterm leases and we don’t necessarily ask for that. We have units that are varying in sizes from 300 square feet up to 1,400.

What did you do to prepare for opening your business?

A lot of thought went into planning because we saw things that worked really well in Castleton and some of the things that we can fix. Here, we set it up so we can take deliveries from semi trucks. We have a business office that has furnished offices. We’ll have furnished salons. It will be convenient for them. They can rent the space and not worry about all of the overhead. People can come in and run their business as soon as they sit down.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

Really, anybody. Our ideal tenants is our businesses, people who need an office and maybe they’ll rent some space. The storage units have electricity running to them, lights, they’re secure. We’re available 24/7 and it’s gated access for tenants so it’s secure and safe.

How do you plan to be successful?

We want to follow through on the promises we made. We want it to be a nice, appealing property, make sure it’s clean and professional and provide a quality product. The nice part we are able to adapt if we need to, to meet our customers’ needs.

What are you looking forward to seeing happen as the business grows?

I’ll be surprised to learn how we progress in Greenwood, on the Southside, versus the company on the Northside. Coming in with an idea of where we want to be, where we’ll go, and see what happens as we move forward.