Three Southside Indianapolis Teachers Awarded Grants to Enhance Curriculum

McDonald’s® offers MAC Grants to Support Hands-On Education

From left, Karen Wojtowicz, McDonald’s owner/operator, Maggie Kuflewski, teacher and Paul Wojtowicz, McDonald’s owner/operator.

Excellent ideas for classroom activities have not gone unnoticed by your local McDonald’s® restaurants. For 18 years, McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana has offered MAC Grants to help teachers Make Activities Count for their students. Maggie Kuflewski, Joshua Madden and Brooke Nelson will be awarded MAC Grants this year. Kuflewski, a teacher at St. Barnabas School will plan and construct with her students a three-dimensional character using recyclable supplies. Madden, a teacher at Southport 6th Grade Academy will have students repurpose and construct a three-dimensional wooden cube puzzle using scraps of wood.  Nelson, a teacher at Southport Middle School will have students use radio telemetry devices and critical thinking skills to find hidden objects around the school.

MAC Grants is an on-going program that offers financial support to help teachers Make Activities Count for their students.  Because lessons often become more meaningful when demonstrated with hands-on experiences, McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana supports activities that supplement regular classroom curriculum.

The MAC Grants program provides funding to teachers for interesting and educational projects. Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2017 McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana MAC Grants program.

From left, Brooke Nelson, teacher and Pete Wojtowicz, McDonald’s owner/operator.
Pete Wojtowicz, McDonald’s owner/operator and Joshua Madden, teacher