‘Somebody knows something’

Kelly Teinert searches for her biological family after being abandoned in Beech Grove in 1971

By Rebecca Bennett

*Submitted photo: Kelly Teinert was abandoned as a newborn in 1971.

In late July 1971, Pat Stantz was leaving her job at the Hook’s Drugstore at 327 S. First Avenue in Beech Grove. She opened her car door around 10 p.m. and a paper bag fell out of the car.  What was in the bag, shocked her. It was a newborn baby girl. The baby was taken to the hospital where doctors said she was between 3 and 6 hours old.

The baby is now a 46-year-old woman, Kelly Teinert. She is married, has three children, lives with her family in Oklahoma and is looking for any information to connect her to her biological family.

She says she always knew she was adopted, but was in her early 20s when she found out she had been abandoned. The story that her parents had been told was that she was found in a hospital parking lot in a nurse’s car. However, after doing some research last year, she found out she was actually discovered in a paper bag on the seat of a car in front of the Hook’s Drugstore.

After searching online and finding the Beech Grove Community Facebook page, she posted her story. Within hours of sharing her story on the page, she knew the name of her foster parents, had their phone number and was able to call them.

She also learned the name of the woman who originally found her, but she wasn’t able to learn any information from her because she has since passed away.

Once she was able to connect with her foster parents, the Boyers, she learned a little more about her past.

She went by “Baby Jane Doe” until May of 1972, when her adoptive parents were able to take her home with them and legally change her name.

Teinert is now searching for her biological family. *Submitted photo

Teinert is now searching for her biological family, or anyone who may have any information about who her biological family may be. She has been actively looking for her biological family for about a year, but didn’t really dive into it until DNA testing became more common.

“I’ve done DNA testing with Ancestry and nothing close has come up,” she says. “The closest match was a third cousin.”

She says she has talked to her third cousin but he doesn’t know which side of the family she could be from.

She is planning to come to Indiana later this year and is hoping to get her original adoption paperwork. However, since no one came forward, the paperwork with the state won’t have any information about her biological parents.

“I know somebody knows something,” she said. “Somebody knows.”

Teinert says she has been in touch with the detective who was originally on her case, Detective Daniel Challis of the Beech Grove Police Department.

The detective on her case says there were no records of her or about her case from when she was found.

She is hoping to find her biological family and to possibly meet any potential siblings she may have.

“I can understand if they don’t want a relationship,” she says.  “But I’d like to be someone’s crazy aunt someday.”

Anyone with information that may help Kelly Teinert find her biological family, can contact the Beech Grove Police Department at (317) 782-4949 or email Kelly at SKTeinert@yahoo.com.