Show your creative side this Mother’s Day

By Angie Norris

Many of us are eagerly waiting to visit our moms and loved ones this Sunday, though stay-at-home orders are still in place for Marion County. Show how creative you’ve been at home by trying one of these fun crafts (and either send photos of them in the meantime or show her over FaceTime if you’re not able to meet in person). I guarantee your mom will cherish her handmade gift just as much, if not more, than something store-bought.

Spring flower wreaths

For this particular project all you need is a twig wreath, any color of faux flowers, some ribbon and a hot glue gun. You can purchase all these items at any craft store, dollar store or department store. You could even use items you have at home if you have them: twigs from the yard, some flowers you may have as decorations and some old Christmas ribbon. First, cut the stem of your flowers down just enough to stick out of the wreath, then add a dab of hot glue on the end of your flower stems and stick them into the wreath. Add as many flowers as you like halfway up the wreath and tie a ribbon around the middle with a nice bow to complete it. You can tie another small piece of ribbon to the back so your mom can hang it on her door.

Maureen Morefield with her handmade Mother’s Day wreath. (Photos by Angie Norris)

Rock art

This project will not only ignite your creative side, but it will get you outside for a while exploring. All you need is a variety of different sized rocks (ones with at least one flat side works best), a piece of wood and a hot glue gun. First, make sure to clean and dry your rocks thoroughly, then glue your rocks in any pattern you like. You could make flowers, trees, butterflies, footprints, birds, or even little people. This project is fun for the whole family and sure to make an impression this Mother’s Day.

Pillowcase painting

What mom doesn’t love a pillow? Throw pillows on the bed, couch or chair in the living room make for inviting decorations. This year make mom or grandma a pillowcase with painted messages from your little ones. Use any white or lightly colored pillowcase and fabric paint. Have your kids use the fabric paint to decorate the pillowcase with messages, handprints, footprints or just a pretty picture. Your loved one is sure to display this pillow with pride.

Bring out your inner artist by painting a pillowcase.

Paper flowers and vase

You can’t have Mother’s Day without flowers. For this project all you need is colored paper, markers, scissors and a glue stick. To make the flowers, cut out the petals, center of the flower and stem. Glue the flowers together on a piece of colored paper, leaving the edges of the petals unglued so they lift up and curl like flowers. Next, draw a vase on a piece of colored paper, cut it out and glue it over the stem of the flowers with a little of the stem still showing so it looks like the flower is in the vase. After the glue dries, write messages on the petals with the markers for mom or grandma. This is a creative and certainly less expensive way of giving beautiful flowers this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is all about showing moms how we appreciate what they have done for us and how much we love them for it. In mom’s eyes, nothing is better than a handmade gift from the heart. Give her a gift she will treasure forever. 

Pair some handmade paper flowers with a vase.