Seeking health and awesomeness? Become a locavore

Locavore: noun-a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally within 100 miles of home. Makes perfect sense, right? To support your Indiana family farmers? Eating local, in-season produce is one of nature’s best ways to create health while supporting your community.

Freshly-harvested produce contains 100 percent of its nutritional energy. Old food, prematurely picked and shipped across the country, meh. Many preventable diseases are caused by vitamin deficiency. If you are shackled to the robotic, weekly grocery ritual of foraging earth’s bounty harvested 1,000’s of miles away, perhaps this will help you break free.

Vitamin deficiency anemia occurs when your body doesn’t have enough vitamins needed to produce adequate numbers of healthy red blood cells. We’ve all heard of pirate’s grey-death, scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. And we all know folic acid deficiency can cause birth defects. Put it together friends.

Many beautiful souls today are doing their best to eat locally grown food are receiving significantly more sun kissed vitamins, fiber, and mineral nutrition: the solution to preventing, and curing, yes curing many of today’s we been lulled into assume are normal. Normal to be sick and undernourished?  Pharma drugs only hush natures protest that something is wrong in your holy temple. These signals your body screams are nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong. Be still and listen.

Pregnant women with folate deficiency may be more likely to experience complications, such as premature birth. Folate is found mainly in fruits and leafy green vegetables. Did you know smoking and drinking alcohol can lead to vitamin C deficiency because both decrease absorption of this powerful anti-cancer vitamin. Chronic illnesses, such as cancer or chronic kidney disease, negatively affect the absorption of vitamin C. Vegetarians and vegans who don’t eat any dairy or dead animal flesh often experience vitamin deficiency. Consistently overcooking your food also can cause vitamin deficiency. Heat kills. Antacids and some drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes may interfere with B-12 absorption. Smell what I’m cookin’?

You become what you eat. So, if you’re looking for health and wholeness, eating as many locally-grown whole foods that contain creations rainbow of nutrients and phytochemicals, will work in cooperation keeping your temple healthy. You are a miracle. Don’t be afraid to be awesome. Buy local.