Seeking conciousness

Greenwood’s Dwight Simmons to perform comedy act at IndyFringe

By Rebecca Bennett

Dwight Simmons. Submitted photo.

Last year, Dwight Simmons performed poetry written by someone else at Indy Fringe. This year, he’s ready to take on the challenge of performing his own work.

“It’s a lot of emotions. Going through writing it and finishing it,” he says. “Nerves and excitement and anxiousness, it’s like an emotional cocktail swirling around at all times.”

Indy Fringe, taking place Aug. 18 to 27, is an event that gives an opportunity to see local, talented acts. Fringe showcases a wide array of talent, including poetry, dance, theatre and comedians. One such local comedian, Simmons, will perform Seeking Consciousness, an act which aims to answer the question why humans have a need for labels and the effects they can have from adolescence into adulthood.

Simmons, who now splits his residence between Greenwood and Broad Ripple, is from Indianapolis and graduated from Carmel High School. He went on to graduate from Indiana University, tours across the country doing comedy shows.

He has been a comedian for about nine years, getting into comedy in college by participating in open mic night at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington. As a comedian Simmons has performed all over Indiana especially the Indy area.

“I feel like I’ve performed in every nook and cranny of the city,” Simmons said.

However, he’s also been traveling the country, doing stand up all over from Chicago to Atlanta and New York to Los Angeles, in everything from bars to comedy clubs.

Simmons says the thing he likes most about being a comedian is honing the craft and going through the process of writing a joke.

“Taking a concept and turning it into a finished joke is not something a lot of people see,” Simmons said.

“It’s a lot of writing and testing then writing and rewriting,” he said. “It’s sort of like this math equation you’re constantly figuring out in front of a live audience.”

One of the things he likes about the writing the equation is that it’s continually changing and evolving.

“It’d be nice to say that it’s finished, but it never really is,” Simmons says.

The show he’s debuting at Indy Fringe has taken him nearly a year to write and it’s delves into the need to place titles and labels on ourselves and others as well as some personal stories.