Roomy rennovation

Keenan-Stahl Boys and Girls Club unveils new teen  and computer rooms

The kids of the club cut unveil the newly renovated Teen Room.

The Keenan-Stahl Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis unveiled its newly-renovated Teen Room and upgraded Computer Room on May 17.

Lowe’s Hardware store provided the Keenan-Stahl Club a $50,000 donation in order to renovate the space. Lowe’s offered a renovation donation to one Boys and Girls Club in each of the 50 states and The Keenan-Stahl club was the club selected in Indiana.

The new renovations create a brighter and fresher look within the facility.

“The Teen Room was once a section of the old gymnasium,” said Executive Director Rick Whitten. “The entire room echoed and you could hear conversations others were having at the opposite end of the room. We’ve lowered the ceilings and replace the gym lighting with LED lights and it has created a more inviting and comfortable place for the kids.”

The club has been in operation for nearly 50 years and serves, on average, 250 children a day. Most of these kids live below the poverty line and the facility gives them a safe place to go after school.  The new renovations will help keep things running smoothly and will create a place the children enjoy going to.

“When the kids see it looking fresher,” said Unit Director Michael Coleman, “it makes them want to invite more kids here and they want to be here. Hopefully we get to make an impact on their lives. We want this to be a safe environment, but we also want to make it a fun and positive place for the kids.”

Many of the children have already seen some of the benefits of the newly renovated Teen Room. “I remember the old room,” said teen Dixie Boyce. “This room is so much better than the old one, and it isn’t as loud as before.”

The Keenan-Stahl Club is located at 1949 E. Troy Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203. It operates from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday thru Thursday for children ages 5-18 and 3pm to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday for Teens during the school year.