Roncalli’s Striby receives Spirit of Caring award

Principal Chuck Weisenbach and Kim Striby. *Submitted photo.

On January 19, 2021, at a faculty meeting, Kim Striby was awarded the Ascension St. Vincent Spirit of Caring Award. Trough the partnership of Ascension St. Vincent Health and Roncalli High School, the Ascension St. Vincent Spirit of Caring Award was initiated in 2018 to be presented annually to a current Roncalli faculty or staff member. Tis award is given to a person who has demonstrated Ascension St. Vincent’s core values such as a commitment to those in need, respect and compassion for the dignity of life, integrity, wisdom, creativity and dedication while also displaying the true spirit of Roncalli High School.

This year’s recipient, Kim Striby, is in her 16th year of teaching at Roncalli and during this time she has earned the respect of her students and peers for excellence in the classroom as well as for her giving heart!

Kim’s expertise in the classroom and her ability to connect with a wide range of students is illustrated in that she is one of only a handful of teachers in our school who teach classes of three different academic levels. Kim has a passion for teaching, but her focus is not so much on teaching as it is on learning! She will do whatever it takes to ensure that her students master the course material and fnd success in her class! A small sampling of her excellence in the classroom may be found in the scores of the students in her AP Psychology class. Te average score of her students the past three years is 4.4 out of a 5 while the state average in that same AP Psychology class is 2.9 and the national average is 3.1.

While Kim’s excellence in the classroom is noteworthy what sets her apart is her giving heart. She lives her life with a daily focus on how she can help others! In big and small ways; in seen and unseen ways – Kim consistently gives of herself – of her time, talent and treasure but mostly of her heart which is flled with a love for all people.

In recognition of her ability to consistently lift up those around her and for her tireless efforts to live out the core values of Ascension St. Vincent and Roncalli High School, it is our pleasure to honor Kim Striby with the 2020 Ascension St. Vincent Spirit of Caring Award.