Representative visited the Central Nine Campus to discover the importance of CTE programs

*Photos courtesy of Central Nine Career Center

Recently, Central Nine Career Center has been voicing concerns in regards to the Indiana Legislature bill, HB 1001. This Bill ultimately threatens to remove funding for several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Indiana, including the Central Nine programs Visual Communications, Culinary Arts, and Landscape Management.

On Friday, March 19, Representative Ryan Lauer and Representative Michelle Davis attended a brunch hosted by the Central Nine Administration where they were provided tours of the programs and testimonials from students and instructors.

“It’s really important for our legislators to understand the value of all CTE programs,” says Dr. Kovach, Central Nine’s Executive Director. “All of our currently funded programs, no matter how they are categorized by the Department of Workforce Development, do in fact lead to reputable and professional careers. All of our programs do have value,” says Kovach.

*Photos courtesy of Central Nine Career Center

The Representatives had the opportunity to formally meet with the Instructors of these three programs, see the lab spaces, and witness firsthand student activity. “It was an honor to have an opportunity to showcase Central Nine’s Landscaping and Horticulture program to State Representatives Michelle Davis and Ryan Lauer this morning,” says Program Instructor Andy Moore. “I feel like our program plays a major role in the future of the green industry in the state of Indiana. Hopefully, today, that was recognized by leaders in our state.”

After touring the facility, the Culinary Arts program provided brunch while students shared their experiences and plans after graduation.

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