Praise for 2018

By Rick Hinton

I wasn’t able to submit a yearly Thanksgiving article due to finishing up a series. Now on Thursday, a week later, I’m still thankful for transitions in my life and the people that have made them happen. It shouldn’t be a yearly only event, yet, we seem to vocalize praises openly on Thanksgiving Day. It’s of many things: family, friends, love and relationships — the things that matter! Cherish all of the above because sudden changes do come down the road when least expected. Instead of dwelling upon the inevitable, it’s far healthier to lift up what we have in the present. Some of the Thanksgiving praises in the Hinton household on Thanksgiving, 2018.

The Thanksgiving spread – minus turkey. (Photo by Laura Hinton)

Praise — Stepping out of the box for the Thanksgiving meal. In past years we have deep fried a turkey and also baked a spiral sliced ham. There was way too much meat left over. And a lot of work! This year, we simplified … just a ham. When my grandson Mike asked a few days prior to Thanksgiving about the size of the turkey I told him there would be none, only ham. His lower lip quivered as he quietly stated, “I like turkey.” My lower lip quivered also. I, too, like turkey. Our mutual suffering, I feel, brought us closer.

Praise — Our tradition of not observing or participating in Black Thursday/Friday. We tried it once. Never again! I will pay $20 more for the same item two days later. Or, sit behind my computer and order the grandkids’ presents on Amazon and have them delivered to my front porch. It’s what us old guys do.

Separate dining accommodations for the grandkids. (Photo by Laura Hinton)

Praise — the backyard pergola’s furniture is put in the mini-barn, the snow blower is in the garage and plants have been attended to. Gutters have been cleaned, and the bird and squirrel perches are replenished daily as we wait for the miserable start of snowfall. Yes, miserable! I’ve grown up in Indiana and have seen snow for many years. So over it! As a Boy Scout leader I don’t even camp in the winter anymore because of it. As the snow patters against the windows of Hinton Estates, I drift off into dreams of the warm beaches of Sanibel Island in Florida. I guess this is also what us old guys do.

Praise — For our Pastor, Tony Smith, and our church family at Elevation Church. We had looked for some time for a church and a place to belong. We couldn’t have found a better one!

Heaps of goodies for the squirrels and birds. (Photo by Rick Hinton)

Praise — The spook (entity, spirit, whatever) that shares residence with us. Thank you for being relatively quiet and not scaring my wife Laura to death. Yes … continue shutting doors, walking about causing the floorboards to creak and darting to and fro through the shadows. You have become family! However, please stop startling her in the upstairs hallway as you dart in between rooms. It’s not nice!

Praise — For my patient wife, Laura, as she tends to me with my sudden inflammation of arthritis in my hip and some back issues. Also, retirement is growing closer and closer, so many mornings, as I moan while getting up and going to work, she takes it all in stride —and Aleve. I guess this is what us old guys do.

Praise — For family, and all that entails…

We all have our praises, and our stories. Each and every one!