Perry Township mom starts local Snack Attack for KIDS

By Nancy Price

Many local children have been feeling sad and isolated these past several months. They’ve missed their friends’ birthday parties, playing sports and going to the movies.

A Perry Township mother has found a special way to spread some cheer in her community – with snacks. Lacey Walden created a Facebook group called Snack Attack for KIDS – Perry Township & Surrounding Areas, after learning of a snack attack statewide group.

Lacey Walden with her sons, Dylan and Devyn. (Submitted photos)

The purpose of the group is to surprise children with a bag of store-bought snacks dropped off at the door of their house – no contact required. Parents and guardians may ask to join the group. After they are accepted, they can ask to be snack attacked and give the cross streets of their residence, along with the number of children in the household, their ages, gender and favorite snacks. Walden asks that the parent or guardian include “unclaimed2020” in their message.

A volunteer who lives near the area may agree to snack attack the home and ask the family member or guardian who posted the request to send them a private Facebook message with their full address. Bags with snacks may include a note by the volunteer informing the family who has snack attacked them. Once a family has received their snack bag, they may go back to the Facebook group to edit their post to read “claimed2020.” The parent or guardian may return the favor by snack attacking another home in their neighborhood.

Dakotah Holcomb, 6, with snacks delivered from his neighbors.

“The response has been really big,” Walden said. “When I started this, it was literally me and one other person. I spread the word and it grew. I was getting personal messages from parents thanking me for doing this. I really do think it changed the morale (locally). Kids are in a funk (as a result of social distancing). Everyone loves seeing people snack attacking as well as being snack attacked. The group is (now) up to 400 members.”

Other surrounding areas may include Beech Grove, Center Grove, Decatur Township, Franklin Township, Greenwood and Whiteland (Clark-Pleasant). For more information, go to