Peace, love and dogs

By Wendell Fowler

Does your dog really care that Gravy Train makes its own gravy? The gravy is to attract your dollars, silly you! Today’s doggie junk food is stepped-on with corn, wheat, soy, animal offal and preservatives. Not much love here.

We feed our Yorkies like rock stars. We’ve learned there are many ways to show love while improving the quality of your four-footed, furry buddies’ lives while you can still rub their favorite spot.

You must realize that no one regularly watch dogs the pet food industry or tests to see if the food is safe and healthy. Overseers are in place, although composed of government, dog food companies, the Pet Food Institute and… OMG, the rendering industries.

Feeding your beloved dog appropriate to their needs is vital to their well-being, overall health and life span. Dogs should have a healthy, shiny coat and a high energy level and you should be able to feel their ribs through the skin.

Sugar is a no-no for your dog’s health.
Photo from Stock Unlimited.

Carnivorous canines are designed to digest mostly protein. Enrich their vittles with nourishment they’d innately eat in the wild, not corn, wheat, soy and not rendered animal part by-products. Supplement their meals by adding boxed meat stock. A sprinkle of ground flax seed brimming with Omega-3 fatty acids is critical for skin and coat health and prevents dry, itchy skin and hot spots. Fish oil or canned sardines in water are brilliant heart disease prevention. Consult your vet regarding fish oil dosage.  Occasionally add a cooked egg white, chopped wheat grass, peas, green beans, cooked sweet potato, pinch of turmeric, or grated apples and carrot. Dogs supplemented with vitamins, probiotics and clean food can live long, tail-wagging, healthy lives.

Do you amuse yourself by tossing your canine M&Ms and grapes?  Well, for goodness sake, stop in the name of doggie love! Never feed canines dairy, chocolate, xylitol, coffee grounds, grapes, raisins, citrus, macadamia nuts, nutmeg, baking powder / soda, avocado, alcohol, coconut oil, salty chips, salty ham, smoked meats, jerky treats from China, bacon, hotdogs or sugary foods. They can cause organ damage, seizures and death. It’s not funny at all. Grain is hard for dogs to digest. Seek organic, grain-free or learn to make homemade dog food.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that your family pet’s best health is being. Begin to scrutinize labels and upgrade your pooch’s meals. Although all life is born to die, we mustn’t hasten their crossing over to a rainbow bridge.