Our sacred gift

“Therefore honor God with your body.” (I Corinthians 6:20)

We must unconditionally love and respect all of our brothers and sisters. Every religion practice and belief system has an observation of their source; one God, many paths. From a bearded man, separate from us up in heaven, to the belief we are a part of this infinite universe, in this universe, and the universe is in us. That we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical existence; the universe becoming aware of itself. 

Ancient wisdom tells us we are caretakers of Earth. An enlightened consciousness points us towards humankind’s responsibility to create a better world for all beings by taking care of ourselves. We are divine conduits for transforming the quality of people’s lives, fashioned in the image of the one divine mind of all that is. Our healthy physical bodies make possible a breadth, depth and intensity of experience that simply could not be obtained in our pre-existent state of spiritual energy.

Regardless of source, you were created to express perfect health. To eat from God’s apothecary, not imperfect, worldly man’s egotistical attempts to graft the hand of creation. It’s madness to think that we were born to go to get an education, work, eat, sleep, hate, judge, wage war, pay bills, get sick and die. This is not the god I acknowledge.

Our sacred earthly gift allows our soul energy to fully experience life, the lessons learned through suffering and to ascend to our highest consciousness; to connect with all that is. When we love our bodies as temples, we obtain physical, emotional and sacred signs. The question is, “Are we listening or sleepwalking? Do we care for our temple as creation does? Are we delusional believing we can improve God’s creations?”

We must steward our holy temple in such a way that it can reach its fullest potential and life’s purpose which is to honor source; to love unconditionally. That means where you take it, how you treat it, what you put in it, and what you do with contributes ascending to your highest heavenly consciousness. To become fully awake.

Quid pro quo. The Bible reminds us in Mathew 6:19-34 of creation’s care in providing for our food, drink and clothing. But we still need to cooperate and care for our temple by eating proper amounts of healthy food (1 Cor. 6:12-13), exercising regularly (1 Tim. 4:8), and resting our body (Psalm 127:2). And so it is.