On the rise

Toppers Pizza expands to Greenwood, offering pizzas made fresh, from scratch

*Photo by Nicole Davis: Toppers Pizza will open at 586 S. State Rd. 135 on Jan. 18.

Greenwood is getting a new pizza restaurant this week. Toppers Pizza, headquartered in Wisconsin, will open the doors of its newest location at 586 S. State Rd. 135 on Jan. 18.

“That Greenwood area is a hotbed for pizza and somewhat underserved so we are particularly excited for this location,” said Scott Gittrich, CEO. “You may think there area  million pizza places, but from our standpoint, its an area that can use a pizza place. The big chains are there, the fast food value players, but it’s underserved from the standpoint from good regional, local, carryout and delivery company. That’s where we fit. We feel good about the brand being right for that area.”

Toppers started in 1991. Gittrich had worked for a large pizza chain for seven years before deciding to open his own company. The idea was to make everything from scratch, mixing the dough in-house and cutting the vegetables by hand.

“Our claim to fame is our recipes, the unusual combinations and pizzas we make that are so popular – like buffalo chicken pizza and tater tot pizza,” he said. “We use real Wisconsin cheese that’s never been frozen. That’s why I started Toppers, was to have a delivery and carryout pizza restaurant that delivered a high-quality pizza.”

There are now Toppers restaurants in 16 states.

Toppers has been hiring for all positions, expecting to bring 35 jobs to the Greenwood location. Gittrich said he expects a line at the door for opening day, with a promotion of free pizza for a year for the first 50 customers. For all other customers, Gittrich said they can look forward to some creative and fresh flavors to choose from on the menu.

“It’s personally thrilling to see communities understand who we are, how we fit and try us out, make the switch from the Walmarts of pizzas over to the little guy who’s doing it right,” Gittrich said. “It’s very exciting. When we come to a place like Greenwood, it’s fun to start hiring those first few people, tell them how we do it, the buzz starts and on the day we click the open sign there’s typically a bunch of people that want to try us out.”

For more information, visit toppers.com.