No more stink

Franklin Township friends Dan Poore and Mike Mattingly make Indy’s trash bins cleaner through Bin Cleanse

*Photo by Nicole Davis: Mike Mattingly and Dan Poore incorporated Bin Cleanse in January and set out on a mission to clean and sanitize Indy’s trash bins.

Indianapolis began distributing 96-gallon trash bins to residents served by Republic Services in 2014. In two years, all residents were to receive one of these bins, designed to make trash day cleaner and more efficient.

But those bins aren’t always so clean. Trash leaks. It smells. The germs spread. No one wants to clean the bins, and even if they do, how do they keep the chemicals used to clean it from soaking into the ground?

Dan Poore and Mike Mattingly, Franklin Township residents and longtime friends, saw a need for those bins to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. They engineered a truck that can take the empty bins, efficiently clean and sterilize them and properly dispose of the dirty water. The truck also has a commercial unit that can handle dumpsters.

They incorporated as Bin Cleanse in January and cleaned their first trash bins in July. Bin Cleanse serves customers across Central Indiana. Poore and Mattingly said they feel they’re ahead of the curve on the business idea. Some cities, such as in California, mandate that the bins be cleaned.

“We’re the only one in Indianapolis that does this,” Poore said. “As our customers will tell you, they’re over the moon with the service. The stink is gone. The cans are very clean. We deliver them back to their storage area. It’s been very well received.”

Why did you open this business?

“I used to live in LA and San Francisco. Mike was visiting me last December, right before Christmas. All of California has the big, wheeled bins, the blue and green bins that everyone uses… He says those bins right there, that’s the next big thing. We started talking about it and Bin Cleanse was born, within in a day or two.” – Poore

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I saw the need for it and came up with the truck to be able to do it. We saw the need for getting the bins cleaned and eco-friendly. I live in an area that the HOA requires you to keep them in your garage. It stinks up your garage.” – Mattingly

What did you do to prepare for opening your business?
“A lot of research in the truck, automating the truck, making sure it can handle the volume and the dirty water. Anyone can go clean their trash bin, but you have to break out a pressure washer. It won’t be as clean and sterile as we can make it. The big thing is protecting the chemicals from going into the ground and the sewer system. We capture it and dispose of it properly. We can follow the trash truck routes when they empty them, then clean them before they’re taken into the garage that evening.” – Mattingly

Who is your ideal customer/client?
The beauty about this business is every singe family home has at least one trash bin. Everyone can be a client. Our ideal home is families with kids, who throw coke bottles in the trash bins and it gets in the bottom of those bins. From our market research so far, the women of the household seem to be more concerned about it and see the value of it. If you think about it, it’s probably the dirtiest thing in your house. I always had my son take it in and out. It’s dirty, full of bacteria and then you have your kids handle it.” – Mattingly

How do you plan to be successful?

“Every time, especially new customers, I do quality control checks. It’s being consistent. It’s the quality of service needs to be outstanding every single time.” – Poore

“Our plan is to be out in the neighborhoods, have people consistently see the product and anything we can do to get in front of people. We have been posting in Facebook groups. Once they see the service they are incredibly impressed.” – Mattingly

What would we be surprised to learn about you or your company?

“We went to high school at Roncalli. We’ve known each other for 30 years. So we’re two Roncalli guys who came back together after decades a part.” – Poore

Bin Cleanse

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