New obituary policy for The Southside Times and Center Grove Icon

By Jacob Musselman

The Southside Times obituary page in the August 12-18 issue. (Photo by Jacob Musselman)

Our weekly Southside Times and monthly Center Grove Icon newspapers are able to publish your obituary or death notice in either or both publications.  We have implemented a new policy on pricing for obituary notices, and we are notifying you immediately on this change.  

Pricing is as follows for your notice, effective with the August 26, 2021 Southside Times and September 18, 2021 Center Grove Icon:

Basic death notices (up to 50 words) are printed free of charge. Personalized obituaries exceeding 50 words will be charged at a rate of  $12 for the first 10 words, and 10 cents for each additional word. 
Full color photographs may be included for an additional $10. 

Families/estates or funeral directors are encouraged to send obituaries and photos to

All submissions of obituary notices must be provided in a typed format, preferably as a Word document, and sent to us by email.  We will no longer be able to accept notices over the phone, in our office or handwritten.

Information received by noon Tuesday will be published Thursday, space permitting. For the ICON, we will publish your notice in our next available edition.

We will not edit the obituary notice, and the sender is responsible for correctly spelling all names, having all correct pertinent dates included, as well as all other content in the notice.  Our publications will not edit anything submitted, will not verify spelling or dates, and will not be responsible for any typographical or other errors in the notice.  This includes not editing anything you submit to us to make abbreviations, remove content or to reduce the overall size and cost of the notice.  

We will run the full notice, and bill you for the entirety of what you submit to us.

If you are limited to what you will spend on the notice, please use the above rates as a guideline, and edit your notice prior to submitting it to us.

Thank you for sharing your notice with the community via our newspapers.  We are proud to be part of this community, and allow everyone to remember and honor the memory of each person who has passed away.

Please submit obituaries or death notices to: