National Catholic Schools Week

Celebrate Faith. Excellence. Service

National Catholic Schools Week this year is recognized from Jan. 30 to Feb. 5. This weeklong celebration is themed “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Schools across the nation will observe this holiday with open houses, Masses and other special activities. In this special section, The Southside Times recognizes the 10 Catholic schools in its coverage area, what makes our schools special and what’s happening this year.

A word from the Archdiocese


Catholic Schools Week 2022 is being celebrated from Sunday, Jan. 30 through Saturday, Feb. 5. In the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, our Catholic schools serve over 20,000 pre-K through 12th-grade students in 68 schools across central and southern Indiana. Our Catholic schools celebrate this week with special Masses, open houses and other activities for students, families, parishioners and community members.

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis excel on every measure of academic success including state and national assessments, graduation rates and college acceptance rates. Our graduates become leaders in government, business, education, technology, engineering and so much more. Our schools are recognized for teaching critical thinking and instilling strong Christian values. Our Catholic schools are appreciated for the value they bring to students, families and communities. Our Catholic faith is the basis for all these successes.

Our Catholic schools provide an exemplary academic education, but they also provide so much more. Built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, our Catholic schools are a vibrant ministry of the Catholic Church where students are taught and inspired to excel in their lives on earth and to live eternally with God in heaven. The outstanding academic education in our Catholic schools is infused with Gospel values. Guided by our Catholic identity and mission, we believe in the full potential of each of our students. Therefore, we intentionally focus on the growth and development of the whole human person: spiritual, physical, mental and social. Our students learn to discern the voice of God by utilizing their gifts to make the world a better place and to build up the kingdom of God. Our Catholic schools maintain their purpose through constant references to the Gospel and frequent encounters with Christ. This high-quality education would not be possible without our amazing educators who live the mission of Catholic schools every day.

If you are interested in learning more about your local Catholic schools, attend one of the open houses. If you are interested in your child being taught and formed in one of our amazing Catholic schools, please contact your local school office. If you would like to work in this wonderful and supportive environment, contact our schools or visit the Office of Catholic Schools’ webpage (

Dr. Brian Disney


Central Catholic


When you visit Central Catholic you immediately feel our community and welcoming spirit. In this year like no other we embody our theme, “We Are Family” every day.  We care for each other in mind, body and spirit:  We have been committed to in-person learning, and our families, teachers and students have worked together to ensure everyone’s safety, mental health and pursuit of academic excellence.

We are continuing to see high levels of academic growth on standardized testing and are finding creative ways to build and grow our Central Catholic family.  We were able to host a large community fiesta for El Día de la Independencia de México, had over 150 participants in our Trunk or Treat event and vaccinated more than 100 adults and children in a series of vaccination clinics that were free and open to all members of our neighborhood and community.  We are already planning several amazing spring events and hope that you will be able to join us as we celebrate our culture and neighborhood!

In our sixth year as a Notre Dame ACE Academy, we continue our commitment of providing an excellent Catholic education to as many students as possible.  We are blessed at Central Catholic to make this a reality through generous financial aid for our families and strong academic and school support for our entire faculty and staff.  We strive to live our core values of seek, persist, excel, love and serve, and we are rooted in the belief that we are all called to be saints. On behalf of Central Catholic, I extend an invitation for you to come and visit our school so you can experience the Central Catholic family and see why we continue to be the “Star of the Southside.” Enrollment for new families begins on Feb. 14, 2022.

Ruth Hurrle


Central Catholic


Why I love CCS!

Central Catholic is a one-of-a-kind school because the teachers here are amazing. The teachers make sure their students succeed in class and out of class, too. They make sure that we understand our goals, which are college and heaven. The students at CCS are amazing. When someone is down, their classmates make sure they are cheered up. What really makes this school great is that we get to go to church every Wednesday. I love that we get to learn about Jesus.

Our principal is the best. She makes sure everything at CCS is going smooth. Our specials are the best because of the teachers. Every teacher makes sure we persist in our work. My favorite subject is math because the teacher is really fun. Our morning assembly is fun because the eighth graders go out to dance in the middle of everyone, which gets the little kids excited. Also, our eighth graders go out in the middle of assembly and talk to the whole school about the Saint of the Day. We also do a prayer and have our own flag. We say a CCS pledge which talks about our promises about the school. This school has taught me many things, and I would definitely recommend this school for all young people.

Erick Sanchez


Holy Name


“Let Your Light Shine” – that is our theme for the 2021-2022 school year. Each and every day the staff and students of Holy Name Catholic School strive to show Christ’s presence within our school. We are lucky enough to attend all-school Mass twice a week and Eucharistic Adoration each Thursday. We offer many opportunities for students to engage in prayer and deepen their relationship with Christ. Every day we recite our school pledge together, which truly drives all that we do at HNCS. “Using Christ as our model, we strive daily to enhance the growth of each person. In His way, we develop lifelong learners who are committed to knowing, loving and serving God.” We have a phenomenal staff of truly dedicated teachers who love and support each student as if they were their own. We care deeply about the well-being and growth of each individual student and will work with them to accommodate their individual needs. We have worked very diligently over the last few years to enhance the rigor of our academics, and we have seen tremendous growth in our students’ ability to think critically and problem solve. When you ask a member of our school family what they love most about Holy Name, you will almost always get the same answer: the small community and family feel. The comment has often been made that there is an immediate feeling of faith-filled love when you walk through our door. If you are looking for a school that will nurture your family’s faith and provide a rigorous curriculum, in an atmosphere with a true sense of family, I have no doubt Holy Name is the right place for you. We would love to show you more about what it means to be a Holy Name Giant. Please contact us to learn more!

Amy Wright


Holy Name


Why Catholic schools are important to me

Catholic schools are so important to me because we can learn about Jesus and the gospel. We can also learn how to be a server! At Holy Name we get to go to Mass every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursdays sometime after Mass we go to adoration, and during adoration we can talk with Jesus, be in his presence and pray. It is such a peaceful time. It is such a privilege to be able to go to adoration and Mass. They are also so important because we have Catholic Schools Week. During Catholic Schools Week we learn about Jesus, get to play games and so much more! It is also so important to me because of the teachers and staff! That is why Catholic schools are so important to me.

Parker Stafford



Please join us for National Catholic Schools Week, our annual celebration of what makes education at Nativity outstanding. Starting Monday, Jan. 31, we have a whole week of activities planned to show what our students are accomplishing and to celebrate the community we have built to educate tomorrow’s citizens and church leaders.

This year’s National Catholic Schools Week theme centers around: “Catholic Schools:

Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed.” The theme highlights the great things that are happening at Nativity!

The theme also focuses on key elements of Catholic education: faith development, academic

excellence and dedication to service. These elements set Catholic schools apart from other

educational options. They are why families make sacrifices to provide their children with a Catholic education.

I invite you to attend our open house on Sunday, Jan. 30 from 1-3 p.m. to discover how Nativity Catholic School presents your child many opportunities for growth and leadership.

Please bring your friends and neighbors, particularly those who may be considering Catholic

education for their children. I am grateful every day for the teachers, staff, school commission members, parents and volunteers who make our school a success. National Catholic Schools Week is a good time for all of us to thank them for their dedication and service.

Nativity Catholic School, a ministry of Nativity Catholic Church, LEADS through

Love rooted by Christ.

Education focused on high academic standards.

Achievement through effort, courage, and spirit.

Development of mind, body, and spirit.

Service to others and the community.

Terri Bianchini




What Nativity Catholic School means to me

Nativity Catholic School means a lot to me. I have attended Nativity since preschool, so I have been here a long time. Going to Nativity has helped me meet lots of friends. I have had many good experiences.

I like being in a Catholic school. Since it is Catholic, we get to go to church. I have been able to learn a lot about God at Nativity. Nativity has taught me about the Seven Habits to be a highly effective student.  I like that it is a Catholic school because the kids are nice most of the time.

Nativity has a lot of activities for students. The Walk-a-thon is one of my favorites because we get to talk to friends and listen to music. I also like DEAL (Drop Everything And Lead) Day. We work with our kindergarten buddies to teach them about being leaders.  Augustravaganza is also so much fun! It is a parish festival that we have in August.

At Nativity, we have classes called “specials.”  I like going to STEM class because we do such fun projects.  PE is also fun because we are so active and play cool games.  Music is fun because we not only sing but play instruments.

Nativity has given me a good education. The classes are sometimes hard, but I learn so much.  My favorite subject is math.  I also like science because we learn cool stuff.  The things that I have learned at Nativity will help me when I go to high school.

Nativity has been a big part of my life. It has given me the ability to know God and make great friends.  Nativity gives me a good education and taught me that school can also be fun. I am very glad my mom sends me to Nativity Catholic School.

Shane Budewitz


Nativity Catholic School has shown me how to find my voice.  Sure, there are celebrities, movie stars and possibly popular kids, BUT it is important to realize that you are amazing, too.  It does not matter how you look or what anyone thinks; Nativity teaches us that we have our own gifts and talents. God teaches us to be grateful for who we are and that we should not try to be the same as someone else. God wants us to be creative but also special in our own way. Nativity has shown me how to do this. My teachers and this school helped me find my voice.

Sarah Roy


The people make Nativity a community.  The students, teachers and the activities make Nativity feel like my home.  Here are some of the reasons.

The students are very friendly. They help whenever I need it. It’s a small school and that’s a good thing.  I make a lot of friends. The students make our school a better place.

The teachers are very helpful and friendly. They motivate me every step of the way. They cheer me on. I know all of the teachers here because my older sisters went through Nativity, too.

I am involved in many things here at Nativity.  The Walk-a-thon and Augustravaganza are loved by everyone. No other school does it the same.  The sport teams are nice.  We work hard, but the team members make it a home for me.

There are so many things I love about Nativity; I can’t express them all on paper. I hope you will come to Nativity because I know you will like it as much as I do.

Joel Elrod


Our Lady of the Greenwood


Dear readers: For over 60 years, Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic School has been a vital part of the Southside. From its beginnings with the Sisters of Providence to being named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U. S. Department of Education, our students continue to develop the tenets of faith, knowledge and service.

Our school fosters spiritual growth through preparation for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation. Thrice daily prayer, religion classes, two weekly all-school masses along with sacramental participation and special liturgical celebrations provide an environment where students can express and live their faith.

You and your family are welcome here. Experience the difference and begin the journey with Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic School. Call our school office to schedule an appointment to meet at your convenience. Visit our website at Find us on Facebook and Instagram at olgeagles1. Thursday, Feb. 3 at 6 p.m. is our annual winter open house. Meet teachers, receive a student-led tour, get to know our parents, learn what we have to offer. There is something here for every child aged 3 to 14.

Come and journey with us.

Kent Clady



Why is OLG important in my life?

Our Lady of the Greenwood has impacted my life to a large extent. The reasons why? Teachers are concerned about the students’ well-being, OLG has an overall joyful environment, and the lessons are often engaging. Plus, there are other things that I learned from OLG that have benefitted me and prepared me for the future.

As I stated first, OLG teachers care about whether or not students are OK. If a kid is crying in class, often the teacher of the class will pull the student aside and inquire about what has been bothering them. Some teachers even tell the entire class that they (the teachers) will listen to students and try to help in the case of a problem.

My second reason why OLG is a good school and has impacted my life in a positive manner is that the school overall has a joyful environment. It seems as though almost all of the kids are almost always happy or neutral.

My third reason is that the lessons the teachers teach are often engaging. Education is extremely important. As Nelson Mandela puts it, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As Malala Yousafzai claims, “With education you can kill terrorism.” As Benjamin Franklin says, “An education is the investment with the greatest returns.” The messages all contribute to the idea that knowledge and education equal power, opportunities and good things. Kids, however, may not realize how important it is to learn and how lucky they are to have education. The lessons taught at Our Lady of the Greenwood are often engaging, and most teachers have activities for kids to complete as part of the lesson. Even on the days where I don’t put in a lot of effort to focus and pay attention, the lessons taught at OLG cause me to pay attention without me even realizing it.

Then there are other ways OLG has impacted my life. I will provide three examples. While I was in first grade, I didn’t do my homework too often. I was a little kid who had yet to learn the value of education and the fact that my peers and I had grades and report cards. Then a teacher told me that I had to work on my homework since I always forgot. I have always had self-motivation for longer than I can even remember. I’m not entirely sure that it was that moment in first grade or even later that I learned to be self-reliant. At some point, due to my homework from OLG, I realized that I couldn’t rely heavily on others and that things actually were completed when I took matters into my own hands, rather than depending on others to help me. That moment when I was in first grade may have taught me self-reliance.

Then came second grade. I had a very good writing teacher when I was in second grade (plus fourth grade and fifth grade). She more or less taught me how to write stories, which has significantly impacted my life.

I have a reputation as a writer, which suits me since I have been using a portion of my free time to write ever since then. Writing has kind of been almost but not entirely everything for me. Writing is now how I express myself, use my imagination and entertain myself. When I feel happy, I am in a good mood to write. When I am melancholy, I write about my sadness, which causes me to figure out why I am upset and provides me with a sense of precious clarity. That teacher has significantly impacted my life. My last example of OLG impacting me was when I learned to use a planner when I was in fifth grade. My teacher from that year taught me to use one, and I have been using my planner ever since. Using a planner has helped me to keep track of my assignments with ease and will likely be handy when I am in high school. OLG teachers recommend that students use one, and the school even gives all of the students (from first or second grade to eighth grade) a planner at the beginning of the school year.

As I have stated, attending Our Lady of the Greenwood has heavily impacted my life. Again, the factors that cause it to be an excellent school include the teachers’ concern for the well-being of the students, the overall joyful environment OLG has, the engaging lessons and the way OLG prepares kids for the future. OLG is an amazing school to be enrolled in.

Gwen Bidwell

Why OLG is important in my life

At OLG I made new friends. When I came to OLG for the first time, all the students and teachers were welcoming. Students and staff were helpful when struggling with problems in class. My grades are a lot better here than at my old school. I’ve learned more about God at this school. My faith has gotten more serious ever since I moved here. Lunch also tastes better than most schools. I learn a lot more in class than I did before. This is why you should send your children to OLG. We also have sports at our school. We have nice uniforms as well.

Jose Uribe

Why OLG is important in my life

Patience in the classroom is one of the most important things a teacher can have. At Our Lady of the Greenwood, patience is vast and omnipresent. Personally, I myself have never been a very patient person, however I feel the people at this school have helped me to accomplish what I needed most during these trying times. The teachers, students and staff have helped everyone here through thick and thin. That is why I love this school. The environment of this school is also why it is so important in my life. The joyous atmosphere instantly makes me feel more happy and connected to everyone here. The joy makes everything feel comfortable and cozy. This environment is essential for learning and growing. I heavily value this school. It has shaped me and turned me into the person I am today.

Maria Mears

Why OLG is important in my life

O, how I love this school, The teaching they give; The diversity and friendliness, Thy loneliness will leave.

No sadness, no strife, When you are here; The students will make you feel, Nearer than near.

The staff of the school, stupendous, indeed; They’ll assist your child, When in need.

The principal of the school, Mr. Clady; Is indeed hilarious, Entertaining and lively.

To the lower floor, Elementary operate; Up the stairs, Middle school manipulates.

Specials and electives, Extra classes that you do; Art, music, gym, STEM, Now you’ve got a clue.

The cafeteria staff, Their food is the bomb; “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Before you make assumptions, try some.

Lot of sports and activities, You can engage in; Basketball, volleyball, kickball, and soccer, Are just some examples of them.

We are Catholic, This is true; We believe in God, So should you.

This is the place, Where students learn and grow; Where they learn to be kind, Where they use what they know.

We do lots of activities here, They are very fun; If you come to this school, You should engage in some.

And so I say to you, As I will say all of my days; Our Lady of the Greenwood, Is the place you should stay.

AJ Duge

Why I’ve loved OLG 

When trying to pick out a school that is the best for your child, there can be many options available, which might make the final decision tough. But I can say, with confidence, that OLG has been the best experience for my family. Many of my peers and I have grown strong, both academically and spiritually, and I believe it is the best possible option for any family that wants another opportunity to grow in their faith.

One of many things my family and I love about Our Lady of the Greenwood is the student-teacher interaction. With a small number of students, the teachers are able to interact with the students much more than they would with public schools. The students are able to grow faster in their education and faith in God with the great help of the teachers assisting them every step of the way.

Another thing I have loved about school is the friends I’ve made throughout my many years as a student. My family and I have loved being surrounded by an amazing network of friends and families that share our faith.

All in all, I’ve had nothing but enjoyable experiences with OLG, and I have collected many memories along the way, some of which will stay with me forever. The support we as a family have been given is immense, and the staff and teachers feel like one big family you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Ask any of the students, and I’m positive they’ll all tell you the same thing.

James Weiner

My name is Simon Inkenbrandt. I am a sixth grader at Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic School. I have been a student of OLG since kindergarten. OLG has been a wonderful part of my life.

OLG is a National Blue Ribbon school. I learn so much every day. We have a lot of great resources that we use, like a real library. Ms. Rode, the science teacher, has fantastic lab equipment! Also, the middle school students can choose from several different fun electives. I really enjoy the Spanish class elective. We get to celebrate some of the Hispanic festivities and try some of the cultural food along with learning the Spanish language.

We live out our faith at OLG. The whole school goes to Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays. We also do very cool faith activities. For example, the eighth graders act out the Last Supper and the Passion of Jesus every year. We pray together every morning, at noon, and at the end of the day. The students get to participate in the Sacraments and do the readings and sing in the choir at Mass. I made my first communion and first reconciliation with all my friends from my class. One of my favorite classes right now is religion because my teacher, Mrs. Samuelson, incorporates art into her lessons.

The teachers are amazing! They work very hard to give their students the best possible education. They even stay after school for tutoring and special academic clubs. The teachers also work extra to teach us about our faith, even if we’re not in religion class. We go on lots of great field trips. The seventh or eighth grade even goes on a trip to Washington, D.C.! I am going next year in seventh grade. The parents and teachers have already started planning and I’m super excited. Lastly, the teachers prepare us for the challenges of life ahead. These are only a few of the reasons why OLG is an incredible school. OLG has made me a better person; I have grown in my faith and knowledge. The students, parents and teachers all work together as a family to make school a fun place to learn. I am proud to be an OLG Eagle.

Simon Inkenbrandt



For 53 years, Roncalli High School has stood the test of time as an excellent educational institution in the South Deanery of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. During that time, nearly everything about the school has changed. The school has changed leadership, curriculum, standards, teachers, bell schedules, extracurricular opportunities, uniforms and nicknames. With all that change, both internally and externally, how can any organization uphold its standard of excellence?

Author Simon Sinek provides one of the best answers to this question: “All organizations start with why, but only great ones keep their why clear year and year.

When you walk into Roncalli, or any Catholic school in the Archdiocese, there is a sign that reads “Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.” This sign speaks to the heart and mission of a Catholic school and why Roncalli continues to thrive in the face of change. Our faith is not simply taught in one class period a day or reserved for when it is time for all school Liturgy; instead, it is lived out in every aspect of our lives as Roncalli Royals!

Kevin Banich 



To me, a Catholic education does not just offer me a chance to excel academically but to grow spiritually. Every teacher I have had in my time in Catholic schools has been devoted to ensuring students grow academically and become the version of themselves God is calling them to be. My time at Roncalli High School has given me the opportunities to learn about my faith and given me insight why we believe what we do. The opportunities to celebrate Mass, attend adoration and receive confession have brought me closer to Jesus and my community. Through Roncalli’s devotion to service, I have been able to serve my community through various food pantries and the pro-life ministry. The chances for me to grow in my relationships with others and God throughout the years I have been enrolled in Catholic schools is unmatched.


Ella McCalip 

Saints Francis and Clare


Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi School is excited to celebrate Catholic Schools Week once again this year.  We will kick off the week on Saturday, Jan. 29 with our annual fundraiser for our Godparent Tuition Assistance Program. The Godparent Fund allows families the opportunity to apply for tuition assistance to support their child’s education at Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi School.

During Catholic Schools Week we focus on the value Catholic education provides to our students and the contributions our students can make to the church, our school, the community and beyond.  In addition, we take time to celebrate with prayer, special activities and emphasis on a daily theme.

  • Monday – Celebrate our Community
  • Tuesday – Celebrate our Students
  • Wednesday – Celebrate our Nation
  • Thursday – Celebrate Vocations
  • Friday – Celebrate Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Students will participate each day in a special prayer, Kahoot Trivia game and dress related to the theme.  Our annual Science Fair and annual Teacher vs. eighth-grade volleyball game will also take place. This year we are also adding our very first “Battle of The Books.”

Re-enrollment for existing families begins on Feb. 1 and then opens to new families on Feb. 15.  We schedule tours throughout the year for families interested in discovering the difference that our school may offer their children.  Our school accommodates children ages six weeks through eighth grade.  You may set up an appointment to tour by calling our school office at ( 317) 859-4673.

Mrs. Betty Popp



Why are Catholic schools important?

Catholic schools are an important part of our community; they teach us to respect each other, love and cherish people and profess the good news of the gospel to everyone. A source from Orange County Catholic states, “Catholic schools raise children to have values such as integrity, honesty, a positive attitude, and loving others as Christ did.” These values not only help us to become better human beings, but to become more like Christ, the true savior.

Catholic schools are filled with delightful teachers and staff. They make sure that your learning abilities can be noticed and tested, and they help shape us into the people we are becoming. Catholic schools are a crucial part to our community, and shape children into becoming followers of Christ.

Ava Cox 

Throughout school, sports and social activities, a student’s life is brimming with activities to do. This may leave religion on the backburner in many scholars’ minds. But Catholic schools are working to put Catholicism in the spotlight with academics and even sports by incorporating religion into schoolwork and even dedicating a class purely for teaching and understanding Catholicism.

Catholic schools do so much for our community, the most apparent being teaching Catholicism. While this can be remedied with Sunday school, this is only one day per week. In Catholic schools, you get five days of deeper understanding of our faith. This and monthly activities to support our community like wrapping gifts for children during Christmas help shape the students of Catholic schools into hardworking and active members of a successful community. This and many more reasons are why Catholic schools are essential to us and the teaching of our faith.

Anthony Cuadros

Catholic schools help introduce students to God and help connect and unite everyone to the divine trinity: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are all accepted and held accountable for our actions, which helps us be better human beings spreading God’s word.

We have religion every day, which allows us to grow closer and understand God and divine ways. We have developed a strong religious base for our life and how our lives and actions can affect other people’s lives by following and listening to God. Catholic schools also focus on our character so students can make the right decisions as adults.

By going to a Catholic school students learn how to understand God while being prepared for high school and life as an adult. We also have a very strong and a very deep understanding of our religion because of our strong foundation that was taught to us.

Peyton Nalley

Catholic schools are very important to a young developing child because the learning material and environment is what you find in a public school and more. Not only do Catholic schools provide advanced learning material but they also tie it together with how the material relates to our personal lives.

Another reason is that Catholic schools create a second home for a child. The teachers care about children like they are their own children, and they’re always making sure that students are giving their full potential. Be that as it may, it is proven that Catholic schools produce way more college graduates than public schools, higher SAT scores and higher math and reading scores.

One last reason is that Catholic exposure is important for a young Catholic. It builds good Christian values and a better overall personality. Look into signing your children up for the upcoming school year.

Nolan O’Connor

Catholic schools are important because they offer the best education for faithful youth. As a student at a Saints Francis and Clare Catholic School, I have been able to experience this. Each day after the bell rings, we start the day with prayer, then head to religion or church. Throughout the school day, teachers make sure to incorporate prayers and faith-related activities into our curriculum. This allows us to experience our Catholicism fully and learn more about it. We also go to benediction and confession to become closer to God. At our sports practices, we pray for the team and others. But the best reason to go to a Catholic school is that you get to share your faith with the people around you. All of the things that you do, you can do them together. This helps you to have a deeper relationship with your peers and the Lord.

Ava Shirley

St. Jude


The 2021-2022 school year has been a year full of coming back together as a community. Although our school has much to offer students preschool through eighth grade in terms of academics, technology and creative experiences, we pride ourselves the most on our faith, service and sense of community. Our theme this year is “Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord.” We have been encouraging students to spread joy in both large and small ways to help others realize God’s love. Service activities such as collecting food for our Halloween food drive, delivering care packages to the homebound, cleaning up outdoor spaces and even creating colorful cards for local nursing homes. We are so proud of our St. Jude community and the work we do to help students be the best they can be.  If you are interested in enrolling your child to be a part of St. Jude School, please contact the office at (317) 784-6828 or visit the website at

Mrs. Beth Meece



I believe that growing up in a Catholic school has led me to become a true and faithful follower of Christ, and I am not sure I could have accomplished this without attending a Catholic school. The gift of being taught religion has led me to become more intentional in how I choose to live my life. Without the opportunity of being taught religion, I would not be living the joyous and purposeful life I am today. Going to a Catholic school means I am able to partake in an additional weekly Mass. I believe that going to Mass during the school week is crucial to the development of my faith; this allows me to grow in my faith at a constant rate. I am thankful that going to a Catholic school has led me to understand my faith in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Isabella Feldman


My Catholic school, St. Jude, is very important to me because I am able to learn about and explore my faith every day. This allows me to grow closer to God and understand my Catholic religion. Since my school is smaller, I have been able to grow closer to my teachers. I am able to learn the material more deeply and get more one-on-one help. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful, and this has been important since I started here this year as an eighth grader. Another aspect about Catholic schools I like is that I get to go to school with my younger sisters. We have never all been in the same building at the same time, and now I get to see them throughout the day.  St. Jude really is a family!

Blake Getz


Ninety percent of children go to public school, and 10 percent have the opportunity to go to a private school. A small percentage of these students are fortunate enough to attend a Catholic school.  Very blessed students, such as my classmates and myself, have the opportunity to attend St. Jude Catholic School! From the day I first came to Saint Jude in the fourth grade, I have constantly found myself growing in faith, academics, athletics and in friendships. There is always someone here to care about you and help you when you need it. We share our faith and love, and it is so reassuring to learn and pray together. I’m forever grateful for the community, the teachers, the education and the memories I have been able to make here.

Ana Hudspeth


St. Jude is very important to me because it has helped me grow my faith. The teachers work hard to teach me, and now I have a bright and successful future. Being in a Catholic school opens up so many opportunities! I have been encouraged to participate in so many ways, such as being a server at church, being a part of the children’s choir and even cleaning up the Early Learning Center as an act of kindness. I am so thankful to have God in my life and throughout my school day. I couldn’t imagine not going to church, not singing in the choir or serving my community in some way, or not participating in Mass. Thankfully, these are all part of my life because of my Catholic school. Everything I do, I do with faith and for a purpose. I know that God is always by my side!

Mira Pacholski


I am so thankful to attend a Catholic school! Catholic schools provide new opportunities for everyone, and all are welcome. There is little judgment, and everyone is open to making new friends. Ever since I moved to St. Jude from a public school, I have noticed significant changes in my life. In my Catholic school, I feel much more safe and comfortable. Uniforms take away the factor of being judged by what a person is wearing. The variety of sports and activities available allow students to express themselves and be competitive with humility and kindness. Each teacher makes sure every student has equal learning experiences, and students are taught to respect and love others from a young age. These key aspects have made my two years at St. Jude the best educational experience I have ever had!

Madi Wethington


Saint Mark


At St. Mark Catholic School we continue to improve our school in many ways even during this current pandemic. Our teachers are using innovative tools to teach in their adaptive classrooms. These educational components include technology, bringing in experts from across the world to speak to their students, and collaboration with their peers and teachers from other parts of our country to provide a Christ-centered education with strong academic rigor.

While we continue to do things much differently this year, our faith growth will always be the most important thing we do each day. Our teachers and staff share their faith with their students each day and model Christ’s teaching to prepare each child to have a close relationship with God. We are proud to be a Catholic school and we live that faith each day here at St. Mark Catholic School.

We attend Mass each week. We pray the rosary. We attend Eucharistic Adoration. We do many of these virtually over a live stream, but the outcome is still the same; we share and grow in our faith with each other. St. Mark Catholic School has been on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and US 31 for over 74 years. We have been one of the fastest-growing, most diverse Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for the last 11 years. Our students learn with academic rigor and are instructed with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Parents, you have many choices for your child’s education. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk with you and let you decide if St. Mark Catholic School is the best fit for your child’s Christ-centered education. Strong academic rigor, stronger in faith in a diverse school setting, in a safe and loving environment. #comegrowinfaith

If you would like more information about St. Mark Catholic School, please visit our website at or call the school office at (317) 786-4013 and Mrs. Leszcynski can get you more information! Have a great Catholic Schools Week!

Rusty Albertson



Why I love St. Mark Catholic School!

I adore going to a Catholic school because I get opportunities that other kids don’t get. I get to go to church and sing songs of worship. This gives me a chance to grow closer to God! I get to share my faith with my friends and other people! When I do that, I am also bringing other people into my faith and giving them the chance to also grow closer to God.

When I go to school or Mass, I go with enthusiastic feelings because I know that it’s another day to connect with more people and be with God. I am also allowed to pray and talk to God. When I go to school, nobody is ever rude or disrespectful. I know that people can become a greater person when they come to learn at St. Mark. This is exactly why going to a Catholic school makes me feel very cheerful!

Christina San