Meth Criminals: You’re Not Welcome Here

Rep Frizzell HeadshotBy State Rep. Dave Frizzell (R-Indianapolis), represents a portion of Marion and Johnson counties.

Blocking meth offenders from purchasing cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine strengthens an already powerful system known as NPLEx –  National Precursor Log Exchange. NPLEx is an important tool used in 33 states across the country to block the illegal sale of PSE in real-time, and across state lines. Law enforcement may monitor suspicious purchases for criminal patterns to aid existing investigations.

Adding another layer of valuable information to the tool – a complete list of known meth offenders – allows Indiana to cut off “one-pot” meth lab ingredients to cooks while preserving access to the safe and effective cold and allergy medicine so many in our state rely upon. It is measures like these that attack the meth production problem at its core, without hurting and inconveniencing law-abiding families.

Let’s give the legislation time to work and in the meantime, shift the narrative to two larger discussions; the true source of meth in our state and how we offer support and resources to treat addiction. Captain David Allender with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said 85% of the drug in Indiana can be traced back to Mexico. Think about that for a minute. Policies in place now will help address the domestic supply of the drug but if we ignore the Mexican supply and do nothing further to address the meth addiction that is tearing families apart, we’ll never make real progress in the fight against meth.