Love beats cancer: local mother shares of her son’s experience

Roselynn Turi and Cooper Davis. *Submitted photos.

Twelve-year-old Cooper Davis, of Greenwood, and 1-year-old Roselynn Turi, of Bloomington, were inseparable from the moment Roselynn walked into Cooper’s room on Riley’s fifth floor. Cooper had been fighting high-risk leukemia for two years when he met Roselynn. This life-changing friendship was hard for even Cooper’s parents to explain. Roselynn was able to get Cooper up and walking around even on his worst days. They would get their chemo treatments together and lie in the same bed during blood transfusions. Cooper was with Roselynn when she passed on December 15, 2016. “It was important for him to be there” said Cooper’s mom, Sandy Davis. This unbreakable friendship was formed during the hardest time in their young lives, but love beats cancer.

Here, Cooper’s mother shares about her experience:

Love beats cancer

By Sandy Davis, Riley parent

Giving back to Riley helps my family stay grounded. It helps us remember the young survivors and the angels we have lost.

I never want to forget.

My son Cooper has been fighting a high-risk type of leukemia for two brutal years. In the Riley Cancer Center he struck up a life-changing friendship that none of us could have predicted. My husband Larry and I still struggle to explain it with words.

Roselynn Turi was just 1 year old and Cooper was 12 when they first met. She came into his hospital room on Riley’s fifth floor one day, and from that moment on they were


Roselynn’s happiness and energy inspired Cooper to get up and moving on days when he felt his worst. They would lie in the same bed during blood transfusions. They got chemo together. In spite of their age difference, Roselynn and Cooper (or “Booper” as she called him) had a complete, amazing, unbreakable friendship.

Cooper was in the room with Roselynn when she passed away on December 15, 2016. It was important for him to be there with her. God brought these two together, and cancer chose to separate them. But cancer doesn’t get the final say. Not ever. We won’t stop fighting to find a cure.

This past June we were proud to be a part of Cooper’s Troopers Second Annual Motorcycle Ride, hosted by the Central Indiana chapter of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. This year’s ride was dedicated to the memory of our angel, Roselynn. All proceeds went straight to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health for their incredible pediatric cancer research program.

We want to do whatever we can to help the doctors and scientists at Riley who are working so hard to find cures and save lives. I truly believe that if every person got to watch just one day in the life of a child fighting cancer, we wouldn’t need anybody to ask for donations for pediatric research. What these kids have to go through is unimaginable. As a parent it’s gut-wrenching to watch. These kids have to fight every day. Their warrior spirits and “never give up” attitudes amaze me.

Today Cooper is cancer-free, and we pray he’ll remain that way forever. But too many kids have been diagnosed, too many lives have been lost and too many are still fighting.

We need a cure, and we won’t stop fighting for one.

I believe someday we will get there because I believe this with all my heart: Love beats cancer.