Letter to the editor: Beech Grove welcomes Safeway

We welcome a new friend to our city

The former Marsh supermarket. *SST File photos.

Last Monday we held a press conference and announced a new occupant for the old Marsh Grocery Store. If you haven’t heard, Safeway Foods will become the new occupant of the building and provide a full capacity grocery service that will fill most if not all of your grocery shopping needs. This has been an ongoing effort for approximately 2 months and we are so excited for all of you, especially those who live very close to the store.

Along with that announcement, former Marsh employees will remain in place should they choose to stay. The city is committed to working with Safeway Foods and all of their employees to provide a much needed service to all area residents and those who do not drive to the grocery store for their food needs.

A Safeway grocery store on the Southside near Fountain Square and Garfield Park.

This is a continuation of an effort to re-develop the area around the old hospital and very soon I will introduce a plan to the city council that will set the stage for our police and fire departments for the next 20 – 25 years in the same general area.

On another foot note, we will once again offer free paper shredding and appliance drop off (no tube T.V.’s) behind city hall on Saturday July 29th from 9AM to Noon. Our friends from Boy Scout Troop 108 will be on hand to assist you with your paper and appliances.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dennis B. Buckley


City of Beech Grove