Lachanophobia: an irrational fear of vegetables

Are you Vegephobic: afraid of vegetables? Produce haters have swerved off the road of nutritional righteousness into the ditch of largely preventable chronic disease: less than their original wholeness; powerless to achieve a higher level of feel good. Plant food nutrition is widely accepted by food scientists for their proven mind/body health benefits.

Listen up sweet friends. Just like we were not born to hate each other, we were not born to hate God’s fresh garden produce. We were taught. That’s simply nuts. Disconnected parents who force their kids to eat their veggies so they will grow up healthy, big and strong, may want to stand before a mirror. If moms and dads don’t model the example and eat their veggies don’t expect the kids to embrace plant food. Virtually everything about your entire being, good or bad, mind, body and soul, is deeply influenced by your relationship with earth’s plentiful bounty. Humans require sun-kissed nutrition for energy, to prevent malnutrition, disease and to live long and prosper.

“Due to the failed Standard American Diet and our insatiable lust for convenient processed “food-like substances”, Americans suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Chronic Disease rates continue out of control and oddly enough, most consider it normal. That’s nuts. Folks, you weren’t created to be sick. God created you to express perfect health. Alas, the Industrial Revolution made an elite handful of men very rich, but it was the beginning of the end of your birthright of whole health and happiness and the launch of nutritionally bankrupt processed food; an unconsecrated disconnect from God’s heavenly apothecary and the launch of manmade drugs.” From “Eat Right Now with Chef Wendell: 3.0” (

The down-side of Vegaphobia is that colorful, fresh, sun-kissed produce is the most health-promoting food groups on earth. If you’re not eating enough plant foods from nature, you’re not getting all their disease-preventing vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and powerful phytochemicals. Mayo Clinic, Harvard and Cleveland Clinic unanimously proclaim that God’s abundant plant foods are infinitely more alive and nourishing.

Fruits and vegetables are important for preventing all kinds or largely preventable diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity and autoimmune disorders. Produce strengthens your temple’s immune system.

The American diet is deficient in seven key nutrients. Industrial agriculture’s push for high yields at the expense of nutrient density, plus a food industry conspiring to addict you to processed junk. Take care of your temple. It’s the only place you have to live.