Kinetrex Energy launches LNG transportation venture

An Indianapolis-based company committed to alternative fuel sources now has tractor-trailers on the road powered by liquified natural gas (LNG) rather than diesel. Kinetrex Energy offers customers affordable and reliable energy in the form of LNG, traditional pipeline gas and renewable natural gas (RNG). This latest addition to its service offerings showcases the company’s confidence in LNG as a clean-burning, reliable, affordable fuel source. 

“Every day we tout the benefits of LNG to our customers and prospective customers,” said Kinetrex President and CEO Aaron Johnson. “By purchasing our own LNG powered tractor-trailers and fueling them with LNG, we are demonstrating our belief in the product we sell.”

Third-party vendors were traditionally used to transport LNG to the customer from one of Kinetrex’s two Indianapolis liquefaction plants. Kinetrex will still rely on vendors for some transportation needs, but the company’s ability to transport fuel using its own tractor-trailers allows Kinetrex to be in complete control of the customer’s experience. Each tractor-trailer comes equipped with onboard-computing technology, which allows Kinetrex to closely monitor the effectiveness of LNG. 

“We’ll basically have a rolling laboratory and see firsthand the analytics including gas mileage, service needs and other diagnostics,” said Johnson. “We will share this information with our customers and the public so as to better inform their decisions about the benefits of converting to this economical and clean-burning, 21st century American fuel.”  “Not only is LNG the cheapest fuel available, whether alternative or traditional, but from well to wheel it is also the cleanest with NOx emissions lower than either the cleanest diesel or electric powered vehicle.”

Kinetrex’s two new LNG powered tractor-trailers will be used during peak demand in addition to everyday deliveries.  As demand for LNG continues to increase, Kinetrex expects to expand its LNG fleet in the near future. Kinetrex’s growth can be seen off the road as well. Since late 2016, Kinetrex has increased its employee base by 75 percent and its revenue by 60 percent.  

“We’re excited about our forward momentum both in adding employees and adding services,” said Johnson. “Our streamlined processes now take gas from the wellhead to Indianapolis, liquifies it, transports it and then stores and vaporizes the LNG at our customers’ location.  Launching this new service as part of our drive to become a vertically integrated service provider, gives us a unique ability to enhance our customer experience, increase reliability and decrease total costs to the customer”

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