It’s what you don’t know that’ll getcha

By Wendell Fowler

We have two more reasons to question how America’s been programmed to eat. Folks, we must begin to question authority, for it is this authority who is killing us slowly with vitamin-deficient, alien factory food-like substances and yet, we are willing participants; obedient in our slavery to Big Food. Friends, they couldn’t care less about your health and wellbeing. It’s a different landscape today than our ancestors faced.

Recently shocking news dominated the national media that nearly every popular brand-name cereal on the grocer shelves contains cancerous glyphosate (Roundup herbicide) in addition to grotesque amounts of highly addictive, health-destroying sugar. Sorry, Toni! Thousands of lawsuits accuse the company of knowing about the link between Roundup and cancer for more than 30 years and failed to warn consumers of the dangers. They must not have children of their own or sold their soul to the highest bidder. And don’t get me started on the death wish of eating “Poop Tarts and toxic Mt. Dew for breakfast”.

Earthlings have a gene for abandoning their moral compass when money is on the table. There was a time long ago when corporate ethics were more scrutinized and we didn’t have to worry as much: “the government wouldn’t let this happen to us.” Buzz! Wrong! The times are a-changin’ and I pray you’ve noticed. Alas, many remain asleep, refusing to admit truths that our food system is toxic and the SAD causes 45 percent of all diseases. (JAMA)

It’s paradoxically human how after acquiring chronic disease we raise our angry fist to God pleading, “why me?” Or, “It’s God’s will I have diabetes.” God’s will you become sick? Or, “It’s family genes.” Genes load the gun but diet and lifestyle pull the trigger.

I empathize it’s difficult changing lifelong eating behaviors. It’s like asking someone to change their religion. Been there and done that and it does take courage, resolve and a lot of self-love. Sometimes, it takes facing death from chronic disease. Whatever the outcome will astound you. There’s another level of feel-good waiting. All we need to do is take a look into a mirror and ask our souls, “Is this food feeding or depleting me? Did it come from Mother Earth or an industrial assembly line? It is real, fresh and nourishing? You can do it. You are a miracle. A work of art and I happen to care.