It’s a white out!

By Wendell Fowler

Growing up a preacher’s grandkid, incongruous to The Word, the flock’s social life centered around gluttony; lacey buffet tables moaning under the mass of “carbolicious” mashed and au gratin potatoes, mac and cheese, potato salad, white rice, bread, sugary cakes, cookies, fried chicken and gravy. Burp!

According to WebMD, processed and refined foods like sugar and baked goods made with white flour have been indicted as the felon in America’s “Diabesity” epidemic. Carbs, your temple’s preferred form of fuel, are essential for health. We can’t live without them — but we’d be infinitely healthier if we got our carbs from fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, raw hay, nuts and seeds, legumes, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Drop the salt shaker. Salt overload increases risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, diabetes, cataracts, brittle bones, asthma, dementia and early death. Choose pink Himalayan salt.

So, for the sake of your family’s health and wellbeing, say buh-bye to salty French fries, lard or shortening, marshmallows, instant hot cereals, full-fat ice cream, fru-fru creamers, microwave popcorn, ranch and mayo salad dressings, white rice, white potatoes, white beans, and any product made with refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, and white flour bread or pasta that cause blood sugar to zoom and crash, causing overeating and weight gain. Exceptions are cauliflower, egg whites, parsnips, low-fat dairy or nut milk, white fish and white pork (not pork chops or fried tenderloin) and white meat poultry.

Say hello to smart carbs. According to Harvard School of Public Health: “Healthy, smart carbohydrates are found in whole, plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, minimally processed whole-grain products like steele-cut oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa and whole-wheat bread as well as beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. White potatoes are one vegetable exception because their rich starch content can cause spikes in blood sugar despite their fiber content; sweet potatoes and beans are better options.” Add reduced-fat dairy products, probiotic beverages, fortified nut milks, white beans, white-fleshed fish, skinless chicken, turkey breast, and more raw fruits and vegetables.

Instituting a white out will improve holy temple health. Do your best. You’re only human but you’ll make God smile by focusing on a plant-based diet of unaltered, colorful healing and sustaining edibles from the Earth’s generous apothecary. Gluttony becomes far closer to home than we’d like to admit. At its simplest, gluttony is the soul’s addiction to excess…. without seeing our sin.