It’s a shoe-in

Suburban Christian School juniors collect new and gently-used shoes for funds2orgs

Juniors Aaron Elliott, Maggie Jones, and Natalie Crute sort through donated shoes. *Photo by Beth Wade.

The Junior Class of Suburban Christian School is seeking the help of the community to collect new and gently-used shoes.

Suburban Christian School’s Junior Class are currently collecting shoes for impoverished people in developing nations with the help of the organization, funds2orgs.

“When planning the fundraiser,” said Tammy Green, a teacher at Suburban, “I learned of the organization funds2orgs. We were excited about this idea, that by raising money, the kids are not just selling candy bars, but are actually helping people.”

This fundraiser has two purposes; to raise money for the Junior Class’ senior trip and provide for families in developing nations such as Haiti and Honduras, plus many other nations in Central America and Africa.

“This has double benefits, said junior, Natalie Crute. “It helps our class, but at the same time we are able to help out those in need in another country.”

Funds2orgs takes the shoes that have been collected and sorted by the class, and pays per the pound. They send the shoes to developing countries and help people set up businesses in which they can sell the shoes and other items. The proceeds from the sales are used to feed, clothe and house the budding entrepreneur’s family.

The shoe drive has taught the students a lesson in humility and has them thinking about how life would be if they lived in one of these developing nations.

“I’ve heard them talk about what it would be like for the people in these underdeveloped countries to get these shoes, and how some of them may have never had shoes before,” Green said. “The conversations I am having with the kids, or that I am hearing them have with each other, show that they are really thinking about where these shoes are going.”

Maggie Jones, a member of the junior class, said, “This fundraiser has given me and my class the ability to give to kids and people that do not have shoes readily available,” said Jones. “We have the opportunity to help out and be a blessing to them by giving them the shoes we collected.” 

To donate to the Junior Class and support their desire to give back to those in need, bring new or gently-used shoes by May 31 to Suburban Christian School at 722 E. County Line Rd. The school sits directly behind the church. The class has set up a collection box just inside the front door. Any size and style of shoes welcomed.