INBiz with Greenwood

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers tells of the city’s economic developments with a special announcement during his State of the City address

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers gives his State of the City address. *Photo by Nicole Davis

“At the end of 2011, Greenwood’s Rainy Day fund reserve balance was 1.68 million dollars,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers at his seventh annual State of the City address on Feb. 1 at a Greater Greenwood Chamber of Commerce event at Valle Vista Golf & Conference Center.

“Today, the city’s rainy day balance is more than 2.47 million. In 2012, my team inherited an annual budget deficit in more than $2 million. We were on the course to burn through Greenwood’s savings in about 18 months. This past year, we presented the common council with a balanced budget for the 6th year in a row.”

Beginning his speech by stressing the fiscal responsibility that the city has maintained throughout his term as mayor, Myers went on to share about the economic and infrastructural developments taking place around the city, and what his plans and hopes are for 2018.

With all of the improvements that Myers noted have already taken place, he stated that Greenwood is still leading the Southside resurgence.

“As we begin another year of this administration, I’d like to state, what are my motivations,” Myers said. “What inspires me? What gets me up in the morning and keeps me going late into the evening? Citing Greenwood’s family-friendly atmosphere, low housing prices and excellent parks system, Money Magazine named Greenwood as one of the best places to live in American in 2017. So, Pride & Progress, that’s what it’s all about. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s year seven. Let’s get to work.”

Following his address, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson spoke to the room full of attendees for a special announcement. The city of Greenwood will be the first to partner with INBiz, a one-stop business portal developed by her office.

The INBiz portal combines services offered by the Secretary of State’s Office with agencies such as the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Revenue and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. This will allow business owners to transition the majority of their government interaction into a digital environment.

“In his speech, he mentioned the permitting process for businesses,” Lawson said. “In Indiana, we have a data system called We have been talking with the city of Greenwood for almost two years now. We have finally decided that there is a way that the state of Indiana can help Greenwood with this permitting process. On behalf of the entire INBiz team … I am excited to announce our first partnership with the city – it’s the city of Greenwood. It is with no surprise that my friend Mayor Myers and the city of Greenwood are leading the way in the state to provide business-friendly services and allowing businesses to be more efficient. It is clear that this Southside resurgence the mayor talked passionately about in his very inspiring words today is real. I’m hearing the same thing in the halls of the Statehouse and among my legislator friends.”