Holiday traditions; a double-edged sword?

Sandi and I attended our neighborhood Christmas party last week, joyfully spending time with our cherished community. We were greeted warmly and offered a taste of holiday history; Egg Nog. Not just any egg nog, it was George Washington’s recipe. After a lip-searing nip, everyone concluded Washington was a chunky alcoholic.  I adore tradition, but it can be a double edged sword, considering ole Georges recipe involved 1 pint each of brandy, rye whiskey, Jamaican rum, one-quarter pint of sherry, 12 eggs, 12 tablespoons of sugar, milk and 1 quart of heavy cream. Holy mistletoe, Santa!

As we know, Americans rip-off things from other cultures saying, “Look what we invented.” Jolly Americans assume eggnog is a milk drink invented by and for Americans. Astronomically caloric and fattening, delicious Eggnog came from Europe to America. Our forefathers created their own version of eggnog, where wine in the original recipe was replaced with rum. Rum was often called grog, so the drink was called “egg and grog,” then “egg’n’grog” and finally “eggnog.”

Call me crazy, most people do, but I question everything these days; no longer living in the vulnerable state of blissful ignorance, but a world of mindfulness. Granted, ignorant bliss works, but not to anyone’s advantage except Big Business who profits from our celebration. I’ve always thought it was ironic that during the sacred holidays we eat foods that defile the temple given us by the Savior we passionately celebrate. Alas, Christ’s sacred birthday truly stimulates the economy. Wonder what Jesus would say to commercialism and coveting on His Birthday.

How about giving yourself the gift of paying attention to your temple’s spiritual as well as nutritional needs?  Returning to your original wholeness as a loving God intended. Your temple desperately needs the appropriate heavenly fuel in order to be the cable antennae to the divine.  Instead we’ve been taught our temple can handle anything we throw into it, so we mis-feed it with gusto over the sentimental holiday. (I’m no angel either) Yes for a while all will be Holly Jolly, but over time, repetitive exposure to agribusiness-chemicals, GMO foods, grease, sugar, trans-fats, and various unholy environmental snark build up, diminishing your temple’s health and connection to our higher source. And some will shake a trembling fist to the sky, “Why me?”

God’s ultimate gift to us was His Son and a temple home for Him to visit each of us. Let’s ‘Gift’ back genuine respect and gratitude for our existance. Ponder what’s on the end of your holiday fork and what’s swirling in your crystal punch cup of Egg Nog. Sure, Celebrating Christmas without sabotaging your temples health or dancing on the coffee table may be difficult, but it is doable.  Merry ‘moderate’ Christmas to all!